This baby loves to walk with his guitarist father

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Mom surprises hubby dressing baby as her identical twin

This TikTok mom dressed her little one in the exact same outfits as her husband, and her reaction is priceless. Krystiana (@krystianatiana) is a TikToker and mom of 4 who frequently shares videos of her adorable family. Recently, she posted a TikTok video of her husband’s reaction to their youngest child, Maverick, wearing a miniature version of her outfit, and it’s too cute for words !. The clip begins with a photo of the adorable toddler wearing a black sports ensemble with an Adidas sweatshirt and a baseball cap inside out. “Baby, are you ready to go? Krystiana asks, approaching her husband, who is waiting for her in the kitchen. “Yeah,” he said casually, looking up from his phone before noticing his mini-me. “Oh my god, did you dress him like me?” he asks, once again giving his own outfit. “You are so cute! Give it to me! Give it to me!” Her husband declares enthusiastically as he lifts Maverick into the air before giving him a big kiss on the cheek. he said to Maverick. “May I come?” Krystiana asks her husband to playfully responds, “No! Boys’ Day, while leading the toddler to the door. The precious moment melted hearts on TikTok. “The way the baby closed his eyes and smiled when dad kissed him is everything,” one user exclaimed.

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