Sale Lake County Sheriff’s Office Celebrates National Corrections Week with New Mission and Vision Statement

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Last week, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Corrections wrapped up National Corrections Week and kicked off National Nurses Week with a number of celebratory events, as well as the launch of a new mission statement and vision statement.

“May is a very exciting month with so many opportunities to recognize the amazing people in this organization,” Sheriff Rosie Rivera said. “This year we can also roll out our new mission and vision statement which embodies who we are as an agency and how we want to serve this community.”

The first week of May has been set aside to commemorate the incredible officers who work in corrections, beginning in 1984. During this week-long celebration, activities, contests and events are planned to honor all members sworn and civilians who serve the community within the law enforcement division.

Chief Matt Dumont said, “We look forward to Corrections Week every year. This is our chance to build team spirit while celebrating our employees who choose to do this hard work. »

This year, the week consisted of a 5k run, an “A Taste of Home” potluck event, a fresh market sale of the first garden crop of the year, a bus pull, a tournament ping-pong and a contest of eating hot wings and noodles. The week ended with the annual barbecue sponsored by Salt Lake County Honorary Colonels, where office members, families and county leaders stopped by to thank corrections staff and nurses for their service.

Deputy Chief Shanda Gonzalez said, “Corrections nurses are so important to our operations. We are thrilled to have the chance to celebrate them for two weeks and look forward to offering them a special thank you during Nurses Week.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s new mission statement reads:

“In partnership with the community, we will provide education, oversight and innovative programs to protect our community by enforcing the law with compassion, professionalism and integrity.”

While the organization’s new vision statement reads:

“To provide unwavering loyalty and unwavering professional service.”

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