Remember that old Fort Collins gas station? It’s a barbecue now

The DB Pumps and Food Mart is no more. The City Park neighborhood has a few brothers who move in at the corner of S. Taft Hill Road and Mulberry Street.

Was was once a longtime gas station and a convenience store will now serve Brothers BBQ – and no, it’s not the same as the Midwest Brothers Bar and Grill chain in Old Town.

Brothers BBQ is a Colorado-based barbecue restaurant owned by two Brits who became Coloradans. Together they race at nine of the locations, including Denver, Broomfield and soon Fort Collins. Yes, they are actually brothers; one was a race car driver, who ate barbecue all over the country before opening his own place, which is pretty cool.

Brothers BBQ is scheduled to open its Fort Collins site in September. A September 2 Instagram post indicated that the joint would be open the week of September 13, however, the website still says it “is coming soon.” It definitely doesn’t look like the old database anymore. You can see what it looks like now, here.

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