Sun Devils hope to speed up stadium entry time with fully digital ticketing

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In 2019, many fans in the state of Arizona felt frustrated with the headache of waiting for a long time. ticketing and metal detection lines for enter the Sun Devil Stadium.

With fans returning for the 2021 season, ASU has implemented new methods and technologies in its efforts to speed up the registration process, improve fan experience and engagement, and tackle some of the issues. that fans voiced during their visit to Sun Devil Stadium.

More importantly, there is now a fully electronic ticketing process that uses either barcode technology or RFID technology, depending on whether fans want to scan their cell phone or a magnetic card. Paper tickets have been phased out to fight fraud and other issues.

“During the 2019 season, we conducted a fan survey on the fan experience,” said ASU Senior Associate Sporting Director Mike Meitin. “We chose three areas we wanted to focus on. One of the first areas that fans worried about was when to jump into the game. This is one of the reasons we have switched to digital ticketing. It is easier to [tickets] to other people on match day. All you need is your friend’s email address and the tickets are gone. We have new ticket scanners that work directly with the mobile ticket to generate barcode recognition faster than with an older ticket. In addition, with digital tickets, there is almost no case of fraud. “

Another important point for Meitin and his team was to improve the accuracy and speed of the metal detection process. All too often, people had to enter and exit metal detectors due to inaccurate readings, causing additional delay for those in line. Today there are 70 new metal detectors, each with its own corresponding cash dispenser.

“They have a lot more magnets in them, so they don’t give as many false positives,” Meitin said. “You don’t have to take anything out of your pockets and you won’t get as many false positives with these.”

In addition to speeding up the overall process of entering the stadium, the Sun Devils are also focused on improving the catering and tailgating experience at the stadium. The lack of variety in concessions has been a topic of discussion for fans at Sun Devil Stadium. ASU added two new restaurants and a draft beer station in the north end area to add a “food court vibe,” Meitin said.

“We also went and got new concessions,” Meitin said. “We have one called Fork Em ‘Barbeque, which will be slow smoked pork, turkey and all the barbecue. There is a brick pizza oven by Venezia’s. We are also adding a draft beer station on the solarium.

Meitin also talked about a “fan fest” area and an “outdoor garden” that will be available for ASU fans looking to get closer to the stadium. The area will be located directly south of the Desert Financial Arena, placing fans within walking distance of the stadium.

“[It’s] called the devil’s oasis of the sun, ”Meitin said. “So there will be family games and stuff for the kids, as well as the beer garden area.”

There will be plenty of opportunities to see ASU’s innovation in action, as the team expect “45,000” fans for Thursday’s season opener against South Australia. Utah, Meitin said. Many of them will be college students looking to witness their very first Sun Devil football game. The team expects major interest from students after the COVID-19 pandemic detained ASU football in person from the current sophomore class at ASU. A group of freshmen can’t wait to watch their new school play for the first time.

“Since we have two classes of students who have never attended a home football game,” Meitin said. “We have huge student interest. We are looking for ways to make sure we can accommodate as many students as possible. “

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