Students help Governor Cox and Lieutenant Governor Henderson celebrate their first 100 days in office

The Cox-Henderson administration marked its first 100 days in office by visiting students from Morgan Elementary, Morgan Middle School and Morgan High School. Governor Spencer Cox, Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson and First Lady Abby Cox met with students from all three schools and spoke about government, service and community to reflect the administration’s core values.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and I’m proud our team got started on day one,” Governor Cox said. “Our One Utah Roadmap outlines an ambitious set of goals for the first 500 days of our administration and on Day 100 we made significant progress for the benefit of the people of Utah. And that’s just the beginning.

The One Utah Roadmap charts a course for improving the lives of all Utahns and focuses on six key areas:

  • COVID-19 / health security: The administration’s main priority since the day of the inauguration has been to fight COVID-19 through tests, masks and vaccinations. To date, over 1.8 million vaccines have been administered.

  • Education: Funding for historic education was approved this session, as were bonuses for school staff who gave so much during this pandemic. Keeping children in school was a top priority during the pandemic, and the administration worked hard to establish COVID standards that allowed for safe in-person learning.

  • Economic Advancement: Massive investments in roads, transit, recreation, water, and broadband expansion have been approved to provide critical infrastructure for Utah’s growing economy. In addition, the roadmap prioritizes investments in the state’s people, as shown by a new “return” program – which will help those with gaps in their jobs return to work.

  • Equality and Opportunity: We have appointed a Senior Equality and Opportunity Advisor, and we ask each state agency to assess their recruitment practices with the aim of increasing gender and racial diversity in recruitment, management positions, boards of directors and commissions. A state government pay gap study is underway.

  • Rural Matters: We opened the first fully functional governor’s office outside the Capitol in our new rural office in Cedar City. We have already identified 50 jobs in the state to be relocated to rural areas and we are increasing employment opportunities in rural areas through teleworking.

  • Effectiveness of state government: we have started the process of merging the Ministry of Social Services and the Ministry of Health; refocus GOED in the Governor’s Opportunities Office (GO Utah); and reintroduce planning into the Governor’s Planning and Budget Office. We have also hired a new Coordinator of State Homeless Services within GOPB and created a sub-cabinet to support these efforts.

To celebrate this progress, Governor Cox started the day by visiting the 4th grade students at Morgan Elementary School, asking them trivial questions about being governor. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson crossed the street to speak with US PA history students about the importance of civic engagement. And First Lady Abby Cox, who studied special education in college, did crafts with special education students at Morgan Elementary School. Then all three spoke at a meeting with students from the three Morgan Schools.

The students prepared for the visit by learning about state government and Governor Cox. They were also invited to dress up as governor in professional attire or Utah Jazz jerseys. Governor Cox shared his excitement by wearing his favorite Utah Jazz socks. The students ended the festivities by forming a “100” on the gymnasium floor.

Officials in attendance included Governor’s Senior Education Advisor Brittney Cummins, School Superintendent Morgan Doug Jacobs, Morgan School District Board Chair Ronald Blunck, Board Vice Chair Gaylene Adams and Kelly Board Members Preece, Adam Toone and Lars Birkeland.

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