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Our second week with an all-new Genesis model this year was just as enchanting as the first a few weeks ago when we made the company’s first foray into the SUV market. This time, however, we were able to drive the completely redesigned G80 sedan.

We had imagined that the new Genesis would turn out to be a very engaging sedan for the week, as the parent company has done it so well over the years with the Hyundai Sonata in the US market. For the 2021 version of the G80, the designers returned to the drawing board after just five years on the market, coming up with an all-new platform for the sedan.

This new platform also included a rear-wheel drive setup, something completely new for the luxury brand Genesis. This new design turned out after a very exciting and fun week to drive, you just have to love a rear-wheel drive sedan.

However, living in Utah, we know that bad weather will eventually darken our door and we will have to deal with slippery roads and crazy driving conditions. There is an all-wheel drive option that can be added, something that would put Mother Nature in her place for winter driving.

We really enjoyed the smaller 4 cylinder engine our test drive came with, just a 2.5 liter, which put out 300 horsepower with 311 ft-lbs. of torque, with all that power delivered to the rear wheels. That would get us back into our seats every time we put the pedal to the metal if you will.

It was really, really impressive and knowing that an even larger 3.5-liter powertrain was available with dual turbo and 375 horsepower made us want to try this version as we were so impressed with it. smaller motor. After more than 300 miles of driving, we came to 24.9 miles per gallon in gas mileage, where the EPA split the G80 to work.

After a terribly busy July 4th weekend that included all the children and grandchildren for a barbecue, we were able to walk away for a longer Sunday to Nephi as the sun set on Independence Day.

We found that when it comes to luxury, nothing has been forgotten in the new G80. From its classic front grille – which worked perfectly with the small, narrow LED headlights to produce an incredibly unique front look – to the rear space designed for the sports coupe, the Genesis is sure to turn heads in everyday driving. of anyone.

The only additional package on our test drive was the Advanced Package ($ 4,500) which had all kinds of accessories, including 19-inch wheels with all-season tires and a huge panoramic sunroof that when opened, gave an almost convertible addition to the reader.

The G80 also includes ventilated front seats, matte wood finishes throughout the cabin, a power rear sunshade and manual side sunshades for rear seat occupants, three-zone climate control and a system. Extremely confident Lexicon 21-speaker audio.

We have to stop here and take a break at the Lexicon brand as they have been legendary in the professional audio industry, making the best of equipment to add special effects in a live sound environment such as reverb and the deadline. They have always set the standard for others to strive for, so we thought it was appropriate that Genesis included them in a car audio environment and hopefully continue to set a standard that others would try to achieve. to reach. This is one of the goals of the Genesis brand.

We looked forward to getting into the vehicle each day and enjoying the rich sound environment included in the G80. This package would be on our list if we looked at the luxury brand, as it seemed like an extremely low price to pay for so many additional features.

Luxury surrounded us inside the new Genesis, as we discovered after a week of driving in Utah County. The seats were of course covered in nappa leather and both heated and cooled, as we mentioned up front. There were even additional heated seats for the rear occupants as well as their own personal climate controls which were in the rear seat area.

A huge new 14.5-inch high-definition touchscreen takes up most of the center console and is used for navigation, radio, and other infotainment needs. We loved that it’s configurable and splits the screen using different information. The air conditioning controls were located under this screen and were fairly easy to use.

This system was run by a rotary controller that also had what we would call a comic book in the center where we could kind of write whatever command or address we wanted. That would have been our only complaint with the new Genesis as it was difficult to learn and use, and sometimes we hit the rotary shift knob instead of the infotainment dial as they were similar in nature.

With more time, we would have gotten used to everyone’s different looks, and that wouldn’t have been a problem.

The Genesis came with all the safety features we love and has proven itself at least once. As we were backing up into the grocery store parking lot, he gently applied the brakes and stopped the sedan as another diver hurried past us before we backed off completely.

The adaptive cruise, stop-and-go braking, lane keep assist, and warning all worked perfectly on our short trip to Nephi and back. It was a big help when traveling long stretches of highway that the car did most of the thinking.

The new Genesis will prove to be a strong competitor in the luxury sedan market, as it comes with luxury and technology that goes beyond that.

Destination load: $ 1,045

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