What happened to the spudnut donuts in Amarillo?

There is nothing like a good donut in the morning. Who am I kidding? There is nothing like a good donut any time of the day, especially when it’s hot and cool. Donuts are certainly not lacking here in Bomb City. I don’t think there is a single place in town more than 5 minutes from Round Hot Goodness. here’s a twist, Amarillo once had a donut chain that was a little different, is it a claim to fame?

Spudnuts and potato fritters

This sign stood in front of the Spudnuts location which occupied the now vacant lot next to a Toot and Totum in Block 300 of South McMasters. Spudnuts served as a potato donut. No it’s not a literal potato … they used potato flour or potato starch to make them instead of regular flour, but other than that the process is pretty much the same. As for the taste, they are known to be a bit sweeter. lighter and softer than their traditional counterparts.

Spudnuts began in Utah as the brain child of Al and Bob Pelton and at one point operated as many as 500 stores in its heyday, including the Amarillo store and was the largest chain in donuts nationwide at the time. but as consumer preferences changed, the company eventually began to close stores. The Amarillo location was actually one of the last to close until 2014 from what I can find. The property has been sold, you guessed it. . . Toot and Totum in 2016. There were plans to revitalize the brand and open a new location, but they never really materialized.

Can you still get them?

There are still plenty of franchisees left after the business closes, none in Texas, but the recipe is still served at Kountry Donuts in Dumas or you can make them yourself:

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