Taylorsville Teen Dismembered, Stabbed

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A teenager whose remains were discovered in a Taylorsville trailer last month was also stabbed in the head 26 times, according to a court document.

Police arrested Rowdy Lee Aguilar, 17, and he was charged as an adult with aggravated murder.

The body of 15-year-old Ivan Nickolas “Nick” Vetecnik was found in a cargo trailer on May 26 near 60th South and 1600 West.

In prosecution documents, police said Aguilar “has little criminal history, but apparently killed and dismembered his friend out of nowhere.”

Aguilar’s father discovered the body and called the police.

Police said on arrival they found Vetecnik’s body in the trailer and the trailer smelled strongly of cleaning agents.

The document says police watched surveillance video of the two boys’ homes. The video showed the boys together on the day of the homicide. They entered Aguilar’s house around 10 a.m. Later that afternoon, the video showed Aguilar wearing a bloody t-shirt. He was later seen at his home carrying a black garbage bag containing unknown items in the field behind his house.

He returned home and was then seen hauling white garbage to the back of his house. The document read: “The white and black bags seen in the video appear to be the same law enforcement bags located on the ground with the body parts of IV (Ivan Vetecnik) inside.”

The next day, the Utah medical examiner’s office performed an autopsy on Vetecnik and preliminarily determined that he had been stabbed in the head 26 times, according to the document.

Police found a knife in Aguilar’s room along with a bloody t-shirt.

He was taken to the police station for questioning. While in an interrogation room waiting for a detective, a surveillance camera filmed him standing and trying to get out of the station, according to the document.

The document indicates that Aguilar initially denied knowing Vetecnik. Police noticed wounds on his hands and he said “he cut them while cutting ribs for a barbecue.” Police also saw blood on his pants, socks and shoes. The document read: “Aguilar finally admitted to being in the trailer with IV and said:” I did. “”

The document did not contain any information on a possible motive.

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