Heard of insulin resistance? You probably have it, and that’s a very bad thing

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A recent prospective study showed that 88% of American adults are metabolically “unfit”. And Ben Bikman, Ph.D., a local Utah professor and leading metabolic scientist knows the culprit.

“It’s just our food,” Bikman said. “We eat the wrong kinds of food in the wrong amounts, and that not only makes us fatter, but sicker.”

Where we went wrong

This downward trend in health and the upward trend in weight ironically received a great deal of help from the US government, which had been looking for a way to “fix” the nation’s diet for some time. Backed by a questionable study, they finally introduced the infamous “food pyramid” which resulted in a dramatic increase in the consumption of refined and unhealthy carbohydrates.

“For the first time in history, we had a government telling us what to eat,” Bikman said. “By encouraging us to eat much more refined carbohydrates and much less healthy fats and proteins, our weight and our health have only suffered.”

The results on the health and weight of the nation have been disastrous. Since the government first established dietary guidelines in 1977, the food industry has completely changed the types of food it produces to our global detriment. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the weight of the average adult American today is almost 30 pounds heavier than that of the average adult American in 1977.

The modern scourge of insulin resistance

Bikman’s study quickly led him to explore more of the hormone insulin, which, in simple terms, tells our bodies what to do with energy. While insulin is responsible for supporting hundreds of systems in the body, it is primarily known to regulate blood glucose levels.

“Our bodies desperately need insulin to function properly, but our modern diet is so high in carbohydrates that it leaves us inundated with insulin almost non-stop,” said Bikman. “And when that happens, you become resistant to insulin, which is a very bad thing for our health and our weight.”

Bikman shares research showing that more than half of American adults are already insulin resistant, which is rising rapidly worldwide.

“In general, insulin resistance makes almost anything that could go wrong with your body worse,” Bikman said. “The deterioration of brain health, metabolic health, heart health and more; insulin resistance makes things tragic in no time. “

The insulin resistance quiz

Do you think you or a loved one might be insulin resistant? Answer the questions below:

  1. Do you have more fat around your belly than you would like?
  2. Do you have a family history of heart disease?
  3. Do you have high blood pressure or does eating salt affect your blood pressure?
  4. Do you have high levels of triglycerides in your blood?
  5. Do you easily retain water?
  6. Do you have gout?
  7. Do you have darker colored patches of skin or small skin bumps (“tags”) on your neck, armpits or other areas?
  8. Do you have a family member with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?
  9. Do you / have you had gestational diabetes or PCOS (for women) or do you have “low testosterone (for men)?

If you answered “yes” to two (or more) questions, you almost certainly have insulin resistance.

Heard of insulin resistance?  You probably have it, and that's a very bad thing
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Food: the culprit and the cure

Bikman says if a person thinks they have insulin resistance, they should see their healthcare professional. However, there are definitive steps anyone can take to become more sensitive to insulin in their own home.

“The food got us into this mess, and this is the food that will get us out of it,” Bikman said. “The easiest and best thing to do is to start limiting the intake of processed carbohydrates right away. Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates are the least necessary for the average adult and the most problematic for those with metabolic problems. We have problems with health and weight. “Today it is mainly because of this misguided diet change.”

The secret of fat

In fact, Bikman says increasing the intake of healthy fats may be the most important change you can make, supporting metabolic health, brain health, and more.

“Our ancestors knew that fatty foods were the most nutrient-dense substances they could eat,” Bikman said. “They provide you with the nutrition your brain and body need, help you feel satisfied, curb your craving for sweets, and even train your body to burn excess body fat.”

Favor proteins

Bikman is also surprised at the confusion over proteins. Some people advocate very little, others overindulge, while others simply make poor protein choices.

“You have competing mindsets about protein, with very little legitimate science behind the arguments,” Bikman said. “Protein is essential, especially with age, but it should be consumed in conjunction with fat, as found in nature.”

The best types of protein, according to Bikman, are whey, egg whites, and collagen. He points out that these have the highest biological value, offer the most comprehensive essential amino acid profile, and support lean and toned muscle mass, joint health, cartilage, and bone health.

The essential boost to your diet

Bikman realized that while he continues to publish scientific papers and do occasional interviews and podcasts, he could do more to help those who don’t always have the time, knowledge or discipline to eat. healthy. In response, Bikman and his co-founding team of nutrition and industry experts recently created HLTH Code Complete Meal.

“Ideally, we would all have the knowledge, the time, the discipline and the budget to plan, buy and cook the perfect meals,” Bikman said. “But that just doesn’t happen; people are busy, they are stressed, and they make unhealthy choices that derail their health goals.”

Bikman says these carefully formulated meal shakes are designed to promote healthy weight management, gut health, brain health, even hair, skin, and nail health. The Code HLTH Complete Meal is low in carbohydrates and contains an optimized and scientifically proven blend of protein, collagen, healthy fats, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals, with no added sugar or artificial ingredient.

“HLTH Code Complete Meal is based on research, not fads,” Bikman said. “An incredible amount of work went into making this nutritionally balanced and optimized product, but we knew if it didn’t taste great, no one would use it on a regular basis.”

Heard of insulin resistance?  You probably have it, and that's a very bad thing
Photo: Code HLTH

Keeping hunger at bay (the right way)

When it comes to eating, Bikman says it’s easy to consume a lot of calories while still being hungry. This is because the calories consumed are not the right types of calories to provide essential nutrition. He calls it “unhealthy eating” and says it ruins the health of many people.

“Each HLTH Code Complete Meal shake contains optimized amounts of these ingredients to keep you feeling full and energized for hours,” Bikman said. “Still, it’s more convenient and affordable than just about any meal you could cook or buy.”

Bikman says the shakes are quick and easy to prepare – just add two scoops of 8oz Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate and Macadamia Whole Meal Powder. of cold water and shake or mix. For general well-being, he recommends replacing one meal per day. To restore your health or to lose weight, replace up to two meals per day.

“I’ve been drinking this for 5 months to break my intermittent fast and I’m in my best shape and I’m losing 21 pounds. Can’t recommend it enough !! Plus it has a great flavor !! ‘there is nothing to like ?? said one reviewer.

Another reviewer shared: “The results have been phenomenal! Thanks HLTH Code. The shakes are delicious but the health results are miraculous.”

Can HLTH Code Help Fight Insulin Resistance?

According to Bikman, best health starts with the right mix of nutrition. Better insulin sensitivity, increased energy, more vibrant feel, stronger immune system, clearer mind, improved gut health, and improved appearance are some of the benefits of improving your nutrition.

“The full benefits of HLTH Code Complete Meal are especially helpful if you’re trying to lose weight,” Bikman said. “Losing weight is rarely easy. There has to be the right changes in hormones and calorie balance to signal the body that it’s time to start burning, not storing fat.”

Bikman adds that, based on the best studies available on human metabolism, HLTH Code Complete Meal helps people lose weight without needing to count every calorie.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you’re worried about trying something new and making changes to your nutrition plan, don’t be. Bikman stands behind its HLTH Code meal replacement products and is ready to ensure your satisfaction.

“You have nothing to lose (except those extra pounds) and everything to gain in terms of improved well-being and self-confidence,” Bikman said.

Indeed, if you are looking for better wellness and healthy weight management, HLTH Code Complete Meal Replacement could be your answer. For exclusive savings on your first order, visit getHLTH.com and enter the discount code KSL at checkout.

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