Traeger now ships complete meals to the barbecue so you can cook them on its smart grills

In addition to its WiFi-connected pellet grills, Traeger offers a range of equipment and supplies to help you finish your grilling sessions. From tools to tray liners, including a range of rubs and sauces, the company will sell you everything you need for their grills to smoke a brisket or cook a few dozen wings. Today, the company is still growing to offer you literally everything you could possibly need for a complete meal, with all the meals cooked directly on its grills. Traeger Provisions is a HelloFresh-style meal kit that includes the meat, sides, rubs, sauces and more needed for a complete backyard feast that will feed crowds large and small.

At launch, the meat options are Wagyu Beef Brisket, Red Chicken Chicken and Berkshire St. Louis Pork Ribs. Traeger says the portion sizes for the three will accommodate 4 to 8 people, depending on the protein. For the breast, the company also offers an option for 14 to 16 people (half breast to full breast). With the small packages you have a choice of two sides and four come with the big breast feast. Right now, options include a three-cheese mac and cheese, bourbon baked beans with bacon, collard greens with bacon, and spicy brown sugar cornbread. All side dishes come in ‘Traeger-ready’ aluminum pans, so they’re ready to go on the grill quickly. Prices range from $ 150 to $ 180 for small packages, while the larger whole breast box costs $ 250. Shipping is an additional $ 10.

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Traeger is also planning three holiday options for Thanksgiving. These Provisions boxes are more expensive between $ 220 and $ 250, but the options of Heritage Black Turkey, Bare Turkey Breast, and Rolled and Tied Porchetta will feed 8-10 people according to Traeger. They come with three side dishes instead of two and there are seasonal options like a casserole of green beans or an apricot and bacon stuffing. Both turkey packages can also be expanded to 18-20 people for an additional $ 100.

As you might expect, this is all shipped frozen and packaged with dry ice. For starters, Traeger ships boxes to Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Utah. Since the meat and sides will be solid when they arrive, you’ll need to add a few days to your meal planning calendar, and the company offers detailed advice on how to do just that as part of their cooking instructions.

In addition to advice on the defrosting process, Traeger includes all the steps in preparing meat for the grill. This includes any cut or seasoning that needs to be finished first. Printed instructions also walk you through cooking, with details on when to wrap (if necessary) and when to place sides on the grill. It’s basically a paper version of the Traeger app that has step-by-step instructions with tons of recipes. If you need more help, the instructions contain QR codes for the videos and more information on tricky steps like cutting a breast. There are also tips for preparing and cooking sides, including cooking bacon for mixing or garnishing a dish with breadcrumbs before putting it on the grill. Finally, supplies such as rubs, sauces, pickled vegetables, “dog handler snacks”, gloves and butcher paper are all included. You literally just have to provide the grill and a bag of pellets.

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I tested Traeger Provisions with a box of Wagyu beef brisket smoker. I chose the smaller size for 7-8 people, which included a six-pound brisket, three-cheese mac and cheese, bourbon baked beans with bacon, and all of the aforementioned accessories. Although I have experience with the barbecue and Traeger’s recipes for his grilling, I followed the instructions from Provisions closely, and the advice was clear and easy for cooking on the Ironwood 650. I did not. I deviated that in an attempt to brown the breadcrumbs on the mac in the oven and sautéed the beans there to keep them warm. The cooking steps also helped with the timing, which can be tricky when trying to have meat and sides all ready at the same time.

Obviously, the chest was the star of the show. Mine was slightly dry as I tend to cut off excess fat too much, but that’s a problem for me and not a problem with Traeger’s cooking advice. Still, the Wagyu beef was perfectly marbled, so fat cuts were more forgiving of my butchery mistakes. These remained quite soft and very tasty. The consensus among my family was that the mac and cheese was a winner as well, with the thick herb and garlic sauce serving as the perfect complement to the brisket. Baked beans didn’t matter to us, but that’s probably because they were more what I would call “barbecued beans” with a thinner sauce than the thick, molasses-tinted dish we’re used to in the Carolinas. . I also enjoyed the “pitmaster snacks,” which included a mix of smoked nuts and dried smoked beef.

The instructions helped me time everything perfectly, so we weren’t waiting for one thing to finish while the rest got cold. I think the portions are also calculated accurately. Eight servings would have been enough, but I could easily have gotten six or seven in the half breast box. The ribs option also looks okay in terms of portions, but the Chicken Rouge chicken does not. Four half-chickens for 6-8 people seem overkill, unless they are massively huge birds.

Traeger provisions

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So who are these boxes for? Most backyard cooks with some experience will likely have their go-to butcher or grocery store of choice for protein. They probably also have tips for easy sides so they can focus on the meats. At $ 150, you’re definitely paying for the convenience, in addition to high-quality beef, pork, or poultry.

Being able to have everything you need in one box with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it can take the stress out of party planning. However, some time is needed, so you can’t take it on a Tuesday for a barbecue on Saturday. In the end, I don’t think that price is astronomical compared to what Traeger is offering. Is this something that you will be doing a lot? No. Will this be useful to you in certain circumstances? Absoutely. I can see that a lot of people are interested in having most of their Thanksgiving meals planned with just a few clicks.

I can also see Traeger Provisions as a great gift for new grill owners. Sure, that’s a hefty sum to spend on someone, but it would definitely help a novice get their feet wet with step-by-step monitoring. Plus, they might not yet have all the supplies they need – small things like butcher’s paper and gloves, for example.

Traeger is now taking orders for its Provisions boxes which will be delivered between November 10 and 14. If you are considering one of these Thanksgiving packages, you will need to order by November 14 to get it on time. Remember: Traeger Provisions only ships to certain states at this time.

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Gallery: Traeger Layouts | 9 photos

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