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The family has grown and your car has become too small?
Do you dream of traveling in the great outdoors, driving your new two-wheeled vehicle like an American biker?
You want to improve the comfort of your home?

The Franco offers

money cash

You are the proud owner of a small business and need new equipment to stay competitive?
You have subscribed to several credits in different banks, and today you do not know where to turn?
Or, then, you have a credit but are afraid of losing your ability to repay if dark days came to their noses?

What if you get all the money you need before the end of this month? To support you in the most efficient way possible, Franco has put at your disposal a whole range of services. With the project loan holidays, you will not have to postpone for a long time your maritime explorations or mountain excursions. Choose your destination, plan your activities, and Franco does the rest.

You have subscribed to a blocked employee savings but have a project to implement? Franco has thought Myself cash loans to allow you to use your credit while it fructifies. You will only be able to borrow what you have and pay back with reduced fees. In addition, if you ever get an unexpected cash flow, Franco offers you the possibility to repay your credit early, but if and only if you wish.

Do you have multiple credits outstanding on your different bank accounts?

If you want to consolidate them, Franco offers the purchase of credits so that you pay them only one monthly payment with a reduction of fees ranging from 30 to 60%. And rest assured: you will not need to change banks!

Obviously, a credit commits you and must be repaid. But, we know that sometimes life can reserve us hard blows of which it is very difficult to get up again. An accident at work, the loss of your job, … and you are unable to repay your credit. Because we know that nobody can predict everything, Franco has set up personal loan insurance. In the event of unforeseen negative consequences, the Franco insurance will be in charge of finishing to settle your debts for you.

Franco Recovery

money cash

You have money … but in the pockets of other people. From the simple raise to the prosecution, Franco takes care of you to get back in possession of your good thanks to the recovery of debts. Depending on the amount of the outstanding payment and the debtor’s situation, we will use different processes that are part of a graduated process, while maintaining a balance between the means employed and the expected result.

By telephone, e-mail or registered mail, Franco will remind your creditor of his situation vis-à-vis you, to cause a quick settlement of the unpaid. Very useful for solving occasional problems (forgetfulness, financial difficulty, billing, …), the commercial stimulus helps to maintain good relations and involves only a few financial and logistical means.

Amicable recovery

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If the commercial stimulus has no effect, Franco will increase the pressure while seeking an amicable arrangement such as a deadline or a payment in installments. Our teams will use their talents as fine negotiators to better manage your dispute.

And if by chance, the opposing party is refractory, Franco will call a bailiff or a lawyer to strengthen the binding power of his approach. In case of failure to recover amicably, the operation will result in a formal notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or summons by bailiff, prerequisites for any legal remedy.

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