Benefits of paying debts before the end of the year

Starting 2019 without debt can have many advantages for you. Therefore, freeing them before the end of the year will not only be an economic issue, but also a mental one. New Year New Life.

When we look forward there is nothing better than starting from scratch, without compromises and focused on clear objectives. That will allow us to have less economic pressure to plan the next year in the best way.

In addition, your health will thank you. It is proven that debts generate stress and anxiety in people. Conditions that if left unchecked and spread over time can lead to serious illnesses or situations that endanger the health and even the life of any person.

Reasons to start 2019 without debt

Start the year to zero

Start the year to zero

January begins and the first expenses are coming with the children’s school. The first expenses appear after the holidays. The advantage is that we do not carry debts of 2018 and we can plan our budget with what we will enter and spend in this new year. No heavy burdens of the past.

Plan investments without pending charges

Plan investments without pending charges

If we are going to get into new investments, and surely new credits and debts, it better be without pending charges. The phrase one step at a time usually works when debts are spoken. We already paid the slope, let’s get to the next one. In the new budget you can now contemplate a new cash loans to grow my business or expand my home.

Destine the extra money to another purpose

Destine the extra money to another purpose

Having just paid a debt in full means having extra money that was previously used to pay the monthly fee. That money that was previously committed, will now be free to be able to use it to study, travel or save it.

Save you interest

Save you interest

When you acquire a debt you have a monthly payment that is intended to pay two things: The money they lent you and the interest generated. Interest is usually calculated on the outstanding amount. Therefore, canceling a debt in its entirety is usually associated with economic savings, this is because if it is paid early, it will not be necessary to continue paying the remaining interest for all the remaining months.

Start the year without ties

You have been in your job, after 20 years in the same company, you think it’s time to fly free and be your new boss. It is time to start your own business after many years of training and experience. Debts that did not let you take the courage to decide are already paid. It is time to take risks and undertake what you have always wanted.

Relaxed life

And the most important thing to start the year without debt is that you will have one more reason to enjoy life, with one less worry that will allow you to face the future with more optimism and a more relaxed attitude. And that sure will help everything go better in the challenges you set.

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