Discover the importance of Positive Registration for credit

In April 2019, the president of the republic sanctioned the law requiring the initial participation of legal entities and individuals in the Positive Registry. The Positive Register consists of a database operated by the SPC Credit Protection System and CNDL, the National Confederation of Shopkeepers. This registration automatically includes the information of good paying consumers to the database. With the approval of this rule every consumer who has CPF or CNPJ will automatically integrate the list of good payer.

Why is it called Positive Registration?

Until the creation of the positive register, what existed was the negative register, used to check the bad payment history of consumers or companies.

Positive registration is enough to change this logic of the credit market. The data used for cash loans assessment inform not only the debt profile contained in the ‘negative register’, but also the record of habits and the consumer’s ability to pay their bills, allowing the identification of good payers and those who have fulfilled their obligations. appointments on time.

In this way, credit companies gain new criteria for assessing the profile of their clients.

How does it impact our lives?

How does it impact our lives?

The main purpose of the new rules is to facilitate access to credit and lower interest rates for consumers and companies that meet their financial commitments. It allows information that was not previously consulted in a credit assessment to be considered, enabling a more personalized risk assessment.

In addition, with the Positive Registry it is possible to have greater assertiveness on the part of entrepreneurs in the process of analysis and lending and financing. Nowadays, one of the main reasons why interest rates are high and payment terms are not flexible is the lack of some information about consumers’ payment patterns, which causes the good payer to be penalized by the delinquent consumer. , making interest rates high for everyone regardless of their financial behavior.

Through Positive Registration, consumers can also be analyzed by their payment history, and not only by the restrictions existing on their behalf, making it a fairer and more comprehensive model.

How does this impact the market?

With changes in legislation, the Positive Registry should also encourage greater competition in the provision of credit by financial institutions, fintechs and cooperatives.

Currently, large financial institutions have information about the payment profile of the clients with whom they have relationships, however, this information is not shared with the credit market, making it impossible to compete equally among the various market members.

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