Local Utah Headlines – Monday Night, October 11, 2021

Monday evening October 11, 2021


Encourage POCs to get involved in the redistribution

Analysis of recent census data shows that more than half of Utah’s growth over the past decade has come from racial and ethnic minorities, and nearly 25% of Utahns identify themselves that way. For example, the Utah Coalition of La Raza, a Latin American civil rights organization, is working with other advocacy groups to involve people of color in the redistribution process. Rep. Sandra Hollins, D-Salt Lake City, is on the Legislative Assembly Redistribution Committee. She said many people of color already feel disenfranchised, but she still encourages them to speak out. Read the full story. – Emily means

Austin Cox calls allegations of sexual misconduct against him baseless

Austin Cox’s lawyers call the allegations of sexual misconduct against him “baseless.” Cox was the former campaign manager of Utah Gov. Spencer Cox. The two have no relation. KUTV reported that lawyers representing him said the relationship with a campaign worker was a long-term relationship between two young adults that he ended earlier this year. His lawyers have also said he unequivocally and categorically denies any allegation to the contrary. Gov. Cox said Thursday that an independent investigation had brought an end to Austin Cox, but he resigned before his completion. – Associated press

Consumer confidence in Utah rises in September

Consumer confidence in Utah edged up from August to September. That’s according to data released Monday by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. The Confidence Index is based on a series of questions about the economy and financial well-being and 44% of people responded ‘favorably’ when asked if they thought they or their family were better off financially. than a year ago. However, over 60% of those polled believe that over the next five years there will be more spells of general unemployment or depression than there will be good times. Utah’s consumer confidence was also higher than that of the United States – but it is still well below where the country was before the pandemic. – Ross Terrell

Northern Utah

Edgemont Elementary Switching to distance learning

An elementary school in Provo district is switching to distance learning to start the week due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Edgemont Elementary School held a test event to stay last Friday. State data shows they have 26 active student cases, which represents a 5% positivity rate. Edgemont will only have online classes until Wednesday. It is the only school in the district of Provo that must go virtual. So far this year, Utah has seen nearly 9,300 total student cases. – Ross Terrell

Region / Nation

Reconsider land recognition

Monday was Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to recognize the real and violent history of white settler treatment of Native Americans. But it is not enough to recognize that the earth has been stolen. The Association of Indigienous Anthropologists wants an interruption in “land recognition”. That is, statements about how the lands of a company or a university once belonged to indigenous groups. This is because acknowledgments can oversimplify or whitewash past events without making any real changes.. – Madelyn Beck, Mountain West Press Office

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