Salt Lake Room: Let’s Talk Business: Saffron Valley

Here’s Derek Miller talking about business. With five locations in the Salt Lake City area, Saffron Valley restaurants serve authentic Indian cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Saffron Valley owner Lavanya Mahate is here to share what her restaurants have to offer the Utahns.


This year marks our 10th year of existence, and to be recognized as the Small Business of the Year by the Salt Lake City Chamber is incredibly rewarding and very humbling.

Saffron Valley offers on-site dining, delivery, take-out and catering services. Corporate catering, which is one of our main offerings, has been completely cut back due to the pandemic. We kept busy with take out and deliveries as the majority of people were working from home. We also offered virtual cooking classes and opened up our dining rooms for community projects where we packed essential meals and parcels for underserved families in Utah. It was a tough year, but we got through it together.

This year, catering and catering are back. Restaurants are evolving towards new concepts and more efficient ways of operating. We continue to remain agile in everything from our people to our supply chain. By emphasizing cleanliness and providing a reliable and trustworthy experience, our customers will come back long after the pandemic is over.


We are grateful for the example of hard work Saffron Valley Indian restaurants provide to businesses across the state. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller from the Salt Lake House speaking on business.

This press release was produced by the Salt Lake City House. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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