Kansas finds itself in the middle of the road for COVID recovery

TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) – As another wave of COVID cases hits U.S. hospitals, Kansas has found itself in the middle of recovery, ranking both better and worse than its four border states .

With an unemployment rate of 5.2% and around 53% of the population fully vaccinated, WalletHub.com, the personal finance website, says it has released its updated rankings for states recovering fastest from COVID. -19. To find which states rebounded the fastest, he said he looked at the share of the population fully immunized and actual GDP relative to pre-COVID levels in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

According to the ranking, Kansas is the 28th most recovered state. Kansas was ranked 32nd for COVID health, 24th for recreation and travel, and 13th for economy and labor market, which represents its overall score of 58.29.

However, Kansas was ranked higher than neighbors Missouri and Oklahoma. Missouri was ranked 40th for Covid health, 17th for recreation and travel, and 19th for economy and labor market, representing its overall ranking of 37. Oklahoma was ranked 50th for COVID health , 30th for leisure and travel and 30th for the economy and the labor market, which explains its overall ranking of 50.

Kansas’ two other neighboring states, Nebraska and Missouri, appeared to be rebounding faster, however. Colorado was ranked 18th overall with a ranking of 7 for COVID health, 32 for recreation and travel, and 45 for economy and labor market. Nebraska was ranked 6th overall with a ranking of 22 for COVID health, 13 for recreation and travel, and 4 for economy and labor market.

The study shows that the states that recover the most from COVID-19 are South Dakota, Maine, Iowa, Utah and New Hampshire. While the slowest recovering are Georgia, Hawaii, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

According to the study, Oklahoma has the third highest daily average for restaurant visits and is tied for the highest hospitalization rate. He revealed that Colorado has the fifth highest real GDP compared to the country’s pre-COVID levels, while Oklahoma has the third lowest. Nebraska was found to have the lowest unemployment rate compared to pre-COVID levels, while Colorado was found to have the second highest. Finally, it found that Missouri had the fourth lowest change in total weekly consumer spending.

For more information or to see where the other states rank, click HERE.

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