Utah’s Broadband Need Grows, Lawmakers Strive to Expand Infrastructure

HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) — Utah lawmakers say broadband will be the focus of this session and officials hope to use funds to expand internet access to residents across the state.

Cedar City residents say broadband isn’t readily available in rural Utah.

“You don’t have to go too far from Cedar City to get into an area where you’ll only have a very slow satellite or DSL connection, so it’s very important that people in those areas can access the internet. broadband,” says James Jetton, of Cedar City and manager of Iron County Care and Share emergency shelter.

Broadband infrastructure is vital as the state continues to experience growth after the many challenges Utahns have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, says director of the Utah Broadband Center at the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. .

“We just completed a statewide broadband grant for community providers to use funds to build infrastructure, this is the first ever for the state,” says Rebecca Dilg , director of the Utah Broadband Center. .

SC Broadband is one of the Cedar City providers working to expand infrastructure as the need for broadband continues to grow in rural Utah.

“It’s not a money-making business, but it’s important to these communities and we believe in supporting them as well,” said Adam Young, SC Broadband’s chief marketing officer.

According to Senate President Stuart Adams, lawmakers could see $600 million to $800 million spent on infrastructure this session.

“Much of our future, our future jobs, our learning and our studies are happening online, connectivity has never been more important,” says Young.

Officials and residents say they believe the gain in additional infrastructure will not only improve daily life, but also benefit the state’s economy.

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