Transform Pollywogs into Trusty Shellbacks on Jessop’s Travels

(DOUG JESSOP – JESSOP’S TRAVELS) Jessop’s travels are about “People, places and things you may not know.” In this episode, I found myself on a cruise ship from Miami, Florida to Santiago, Chile.

With a country called Ecuador, it’s no surprise to find that the imaginary line that marks the horizontal midpoint of the Earth, Ecuador, is beyond their borders.

I had heard that the sailors had had a special ceremony for people crossing the equator for the first time. The ceremony sounded interesting, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Oceania Cruise’s Cruise Director, Marina, explained to me that “Anyone who hasn’t crossed the equator is a “pollywog” and once they cross the equator they are a “trust shell.” Weird language, but I was up for the challenge.

A group of passengers, including yours truly, marched onto the ship’s deck with of King Neptune to research. Funny people followed a comic “charges” scenario for the court. We were all, of course, convicted and subject to punishment.

The “punishment” was having various foods cascade over your head. Imagine the food fight scene of animal house and you get the picture.

I will note that they made sure to tell us before they went out for NOT jump in the pool afterwards. Apparently, people wanted to remove the pungent foodstuffs from their bodies and hair in the fastest way, but ended up clogging the pool and requiring a complete water change of said recreational body of water.

It was all a lot of fun and I will say it’s something I’ve now properly checked out. bucket list.

Everyone has a story. I feel it strongly “stories have power”. Chances are if you’re going through something, someone else has probably been through it too. The shared experiences that humans have can help each other. That my friend points out that the stories “Help us understand each other.

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people took more time to find out more about each other and where they’re from, we might just find that we have more similarities than differences.

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