These are the ‘best places to travel in the world’, according to Travel + Leisure

(NewsNation) — Despite record inflation driving up the price of plane tickets, most people aren’t letting that stop their vacation plans.

For most of the summer, the Transportation Security Administration reported a higher number of checkpoint trips than the same time last year, with more than 2 million people passing through almost daily.

Nina Ruggiero, Digital Editorial Director of Travel + Leisure, shared on “Morning in America” ​​which travel destinations readers chose for this year’s “World’s Best” awards.

Best Domestic Airlines
  1. Hawaiian airlines
  2. Breeze Airways
  3. Jet Blue Airways
  4. Alaska Airlines
  5. Delta Airlines

According to readers of Travel + Leisure, Hawaiian Airlines was the top airline because it provides great value for its customers while offering Hawaiian hospitality and food, Ruggiero said.

“I don’t think it hurts that they end up in Hawaii,” she added.

Top US Cities
  1. Charleston, South Carolina
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  4. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Honolulu Hawaii

This category was one of Travel + Leisure’s most popular awards this year. Ruggiero said it was because Americans realized domestic travel was great, too.

“They really loved the warmer cities in the southern and western United States,” she said.

Charleston, South Carolina has won the top spot for the past 10 years.

“It’s a really fun-loving city, with lots of entertainment and history. It’s very walkable,” Ruggiero said. “People love strolling its cobbled streets, past its beautiful architecture and a short drive to three truly amazing beaches.”

best island
  1. Mackinac Island, Michigan
  2. Kiawah Island, South Carolina
  3. Nantucket, MA
  4. San Juan Island, Washington
  5. Golden Isles, Georgia

Mackinac Island is actually a newcomer to this year’s top Travel + Leisure World awards.

“It’s amazing because it’s affordable and low-key,” Ruggiero said. “It really is like taking a step back in time.”

There are no cars on the island – people have to get around on foot, by bike or even by horse-drawn carriage. “We all know gas prices right now, so that’s a plus,” Ruggiero said.

She added that there are plenty of places for families to explore, such as fudge shops, ice cream parlors, nature trails and water activities.

“There are lots of places to stay and things to do,” Ruggiero said.

Best National Parks
  1. Yellowstone
  2. Grand Teton
  3. Yosemite
  4. rocky mountain
  5. Glacier

“National parks are a great way to travel. On a budget in Yellowstone, which is number one, you can go camping for $20 a night if you bring your own tent and just use the beautiful campsite there,” Ruggiero said.

Sites to see include over 500 geysers and endangered wildlife. People can go fly fishing, hiking and more.

“The activities are truly endless,” Ruggiero said. “It’s great for families looking to bring everyone together and travel without spending a ton.”

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