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While we know it’s imperative to have a positive body image, that’s easier said than done in today’s world. Although it’s a problem across the United States that affects women and girls, it’s especially common in Utah. Utah currently ranks the state with the highest per capita plastic surgery rate in the nation and Salt Lake City has the second highest per capita plastic surgery rate of any metropolitan community in the United States, second only to Miami. , in Florida. These problems are predominant in women, however can affect people of all genders. Just ahead of summer, Modern Eve CEO and Founder Shannon Ricks, LMFT, shares five tips for improving body image. These tips are crucial not only in summer but all year round.

– Manage your social networks

Follow people and content creators who support positive body image and are inclusive. Today we are bombarded by food culture, endemic fatphobia and constant body shaming. To find

– Trust what your body tells you

It’s amazing how much better we will feel if we listen to our bodies. When your body tells you

– Give your body what it tells you it wants

Honor what your body wants. Our body knows what it needs. Intuitive feeding

– Treat your body as you would if you really valued it

– Focus on body gratitude

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