PM Briefing: Nominating conventions and states accept Colorado River water cuts

Friday, April 22, 2022


Utah nominating conventions are Saturday

Republican and Democratic delegates from Utah will choose their nominees for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on Saturday. On the Republican side, Senator Mike Lee faces two main challengers. The convention comes a week after revelations about his texts with the White House on canceling the 2020 election. Brigham Young University political scientist Quin Monson Told KUER RadioWest it probably won’t make a difference because the opposition isn’t “strong enough or united enough to defeat him” yet. Regardless of what happens at the convention, Lee and his challengers will all end up on the ballot because they’ve all collected signatures. The primary election is June 28. — Sonja Hutson

Utah’s economy shows more uncertainty

Utah’s leading economic indicators are beginning to reflect an uncertain future. the Salt Lake Chamber Economic Dashboard shows that consumer confidence has fallen to its lowest level since its inception in October 2020. House prices have also risen dramatically over the past year, with the median sale price over $500,000. Still, due to job growth and low unemployment, experts said the state remains a “bright spot” in the country. — Jon Reed

Southern Utah

Ensuring the safety of cyclists

A temporary memorial opened Friday for two cyclists killed in Washington earlier this month. The pair of white bikes pay tribute to brothers Matthew and Adam Bullard who were racing in a local cycle race when they were hit by a car. The driver was intoxicated. Dannelle Larkin of the Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance said the area has the infrastructure to keep people safe, it just needs to be used properly. It’s a popular spot for outdoor recreation, with the upcoming Ironman World Championship coming through town. Larkin stressed that there is no tolerance for impaired driving or distraction. The memorial will be in place until a permanent one is installed at a later date. Read the full story. — Lexi Peery, St. George

Northern Utah

Expect SLC traffic on Saturday, consider public transit

There’s a lot going on in Salt Lake this weekend, and County Mayor Jenny Wilson has asked people to take public transit instead of driving. The Salt Lake City Marathon starts at 7 a.m. Saturday and lead to road closures all day from the University of Utah to Holladay and back to downtown. There’s also a Utah Jazz playoff game at 2:30 p.m. that will bring an additional 18,000 people downtown. There is also a convention at the Salt Palace. Utah Transit Authority adds additional TRAX service. The Red Line will begin operating at 4:07 a.m. The Blue Line will begin at 4:18 a.m. with additional cars to accommodate more passengers. — Elaine Clark


States accept federal water cuts

The seven states of the Colorado River Basin give their approval to a proposed set of federal water reductions. The plan would reduce flows to Arizona, Nevada and California by 480,000 acre-feet – enough water to supply more than half a million homes for a year. Even states that would lose water under the measure have signed on to the plan, stressing the urgent need to put more water in lake powell. Record levels in the country’s second largest reservoir are threatening the ability to generate hydroelectricity at the Glen Canyon Dam. — Alex Hager, KUNC

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