Pi Day: Who serves the best pie in Utah?

(NEXSTAR) – If you have any respect for math, you’ll eat a slice of pie today.

Pi Day, observed annually on March 14, is an unofficial holiday that was first established in 1988 to celebrate the mathematical constant of pi. Today, scholars and teachers around the world commemorate this date by teaching the many formulas that use pi or by lecturing on its mathematical meaning.

The rest of us usually think of consuming the most tangible type of pie. You know, like apple or strawberry rhubarb. Out of respect for math, of course.

To help narrow down our picks, Yelp analysts took it upon themselves to try to determine the best pie spot in each state. It should be noted, however, that Yelp results are based on ratings and reviews of bakeries and restaurants that offer pies, rather than the pie itself. Even still, Yelp analysts have done their best to find companies that specialize in pie. And they used a lot of math, most likely.

“We identified businesses in the bakery, dessert, and food categories on Yelp with a high concentration of reviews mentioning ‘pie,’ then ranked those locations using a number of factors, including total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “pie”” Yelp explained in its Pi Day blog post.

Want to show your respect for math? Check out Yelp’s list of the country’s best places for pie below:

  • Alabama: Jawanda’s sweet potato pie in Birmingham
  • Alaska: a stopover in Anchorage
  • Arizona: Sugar Jam in Scottsdale
  • Arkansas: Artisan Gooseberry Pies in Bentonville
  • California: Southern Delights from Morika to Laguna Hills
  • Colorado: Sweet Sweetz Ice Cream and Desserts in Denver
  • Connecticut: Granny’s Pie Factory in East Hartford
  • Delaware: Old World Breads in Lewes
  • Florida: Mixed Toppings Pie Shop in Jacksonville
  • Georgia: Southern Baked Pie Company in Atlanta
  • Hawaii: Maui Pie in Kihei
  • Idaho: Birdie’s Pie Shop in Post Falls
  • Illinois: Spinning j Bakery & Soda Fountain in Chicago
  • Indiana: Pots and Pans Pie Co in Indianapolis
  • Iowa: Kathy’s Pie in Cedar Rapids
  • Kansas: Upper Crust Pie Bakery in Overland Park
  • Kentucky: Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Cooking in Louisville
  • Louisiana: Windowsill Pies in New Orleans
  • Maine: Island Treats in Southwest Harbor
  • Maryland: The Ugly Pie in Salisbury
  • Massachusetts: Thwaites Market in Methuen
  • Michigan: Crane is in the city in Holland
  • Minnesota: Hot Hand Pie and Cookies in St. Paul
  • Mississippi: Urban Foxes in Jackson
  • Missouri: Ashleigh Bakery in Kansas City
  • Montana: Iron Horse Cafe and Pie Shop in Three Forks
  • Nebraska: Modern Love in Omaha
  • Nevada: Sweets Raku in Las Vegas
  • New Hampshire: Woodstock Pie and Coffee in Woodstock
  • New Jersey: Pie Lady Cafe in Moorestown
  • New Mexico: The Village Buttery in Ruidoso
  • New York: Miss American Pie in Brooklyn
  • North Carolina: Baked Pie Company – Woodfin in Asheville
  • North Dakota: Nichole’s Fine Pastry and Cafe in Fargo
  • Ohio: rood food and pie in Lakewood
  • Oklahoma: Pie addict in Oklahoma City
  • Oregon: The Pie Guy in the Northern Plains
  • Pennsylvania: The Pie Place in Pittsburgh
  • Rhode Island: Pastiche Fine Desserts in Providence
  • South Carolina: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop in Greenville
  • South Dakota: Purple Pie Place in Custer
  • Tennessee: Sweet Creations Pie Bakery in Nashville
  • Texas: Fredericksburg Pie in Fredericksburg
  • Utah: Flake Pie Co in Jordan
  • Vermont: The Southern Pie Cafe in Chester
  • Virginie: good pie in Richmond
  • Washington: Cakes of Heaven in Seattle
  • West Virginia: Orrs Farm Market in Martinsburg
  • Wisconsin: Stockholm Pie and General Store in Stockholm
  • Wyoming: View of Devil’s Tower in Devil’s Tower

Meanwhile, only one of the establishments above can claim to be Yelp’s top-rated pie place in the entire country. A Yelp rep confirmed to Nexstar that Florida’s highest-rated pie shop — Mixed toppings in Jacksonville – can currently boast of this honor.

More information about Yelp’s rankings and links to Yelp’s top-rated pie places can be found on the site’s blog.

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