Lubbock does everything to keep Chris Beard at Texas Tech

The Chris Beard saga in Texas has been hot this weekend, and it’s heating up further as the two schools involved and Beard himself have been silent since Shaka Smart left for Marquette last week.

Sports bloggers from the world of burnt orange called Beard in Texas a deal made last weekend, which in turn put Lubbock’s social media circles in a frame of mind. The threat of Chris Beard going to the Longhorns was enough for Lubbock’s Firms to try to sweeten the pot for Chris Beard to stay with the Red Raiders.

The trend started when Beef ‘O’ Brady’s gave Chris Beard free lifetime chicken wings.

From there, as they say, it was on.

Beard was offered a free lifetime lunch or dinner at All American Eatery, which has an incredible menu filled with former Red Raiders greats. They also added a special for people. (Get the Dave Parks Reuben, it’s delicious.)

Speaking of desserts, Kurbside Sweets is also throwing free desserts to the current Red Raiders basketball coach:

The offer that really caught my attention was Evie Mae’s barbecue offer which was made in response to Two Docs Brewing Co.’s free beer offer. Free beer and barbecue? Is there anything else you need?

Two Docs’ offering also had a response of free nachos from Mijo Barbeque, and these look amazing. Even the shards are scarlet and black!

Hey Coach Beard, if you are not satisfied yet how about free pigs in a blanket from The Lantern Tavern? Always. I’m starting to get jealous.

The lantern via Facebook

It’s not just food and beer. There are carpet cleaning services provided by the good folks at Flatland Carpet Cleaning:

And since Beard’s indoor lawn would be taken care of, what about the outdoor lawn, AKA grass? Turf Raider has stepped up its lifelong mowers:

Remember all that free beer? Well, hopefully this one from a local law firm never gets used:

People aren’t just trying to make Coach Beard happy. The folks at Bully Make Dog Toys want Beard’s pets to enjoy their time in Lubbock as well.

And the icing on the cake, if I say so myself? Three Dog Bakery offers free dog treats from Chris Beard. It’s really an offer he can’t refuse, right?

If these don’t block Chris Beard, I don’t know what would.

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