“Draymond Green and I stuffed our faces with barbecue and beers before Game 4 against Memphis”: Warriors’ Stephen Curry recalls a defining moment between him and Dray in the 2015 playoffs


Warriors superstar Stephen Curry recalls a moment between him and Draymond Green that set them on fire towards their first Championship

The Golden State Warriors are on an incredible run to start the season. They are currently 11-2 and lead the NBA with their record. It’s a special season for the Warriors for a multitude of reasons. This season marks Draymond Green’s 10th season in the NBA. After that, it was a decade of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green playing together. The Warriors trio are currently the oldest teammates in the NBA.

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Along with that, this season marks the year Stephen Curry overtakes Ray Allen as the league leader for most 3 points scored. Along with that, Klay Thompson is set to make his long-awaited return to the NBA. Before the start of the season, Kelenna Azubuike to talk about the past decade with the guys, and take a look at the past.

“Beers and barbecue. This is what led us beyond Memphis “: Stephen Curry

In 2015, the Warriors made the Western Conference semi-finals for the 2nd time in 3 years. They were eliminated by the Spurs in 6 games in 2013. This time they faced the Grizzlies. After winning Game 1, the Dubs lost Games 2 and 3. However, after Game 3, the Dubs went on a 3 game winning streak and won the series in 6 games.

Kelenna asked Steph about it and asked when Draymond Green was talking about. Steph opened up and said,

“It was huge because it just gave us perspective. You know when you want something that bad, and you’re fighting tooth and nail to get it, and you feel like you’re there at that breakthrough-type moment. We were punched in the face. First, we won the first game, we lost the next two and we are in Memphis. I remember walking back into the room, just me sitting there sort of reliving every possession from Game 3, and Draymond texted me like “you’re from across the street without excuses “.

I knew what time it was. At this point, let me come over here, let’s talk about the game. We had a few beers, had a barbecue, we talked about the game for a second, then we just talked about life. It was a great scene just to get away a bit, take a step back, enjoy the moment, like we’re in the playoffs. We know we’re still a good team to cut losses, come back to Game 4, eliminate business. We clinched the next three and ended up winning the championship. So it was a special time for sure, and it was pretty solid food too!

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Well, whatever the topic of the dinner talk was, it certainly helped the Warriors become who they are today.


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