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Just a few decades ago, sushi was considered incredibly exotic and most Americans would probably have balked at the thought of eating raw fish. Well, times have obviously changed, and nowadays sushi has become as mainstream as pizza.

As with any ancient food, the origins of sushi are quite opaque. Fermented rice was first used as a fish preservative in Southeast Asia centuries ago and gained popularity in Japan, where canned fish and fermented rice were first combined. time. In 1820s Tokyo (then known as Edo), the dish evolved into the lightly vinegared rice dish with fresh raw fish we know and love today.

You’ll find maki (rolls) and nigiri (rice with fish on top) in most supermarkets these days, but if you’ve ever been to a high-end sushi restaurant, you’ll know that the quality of sushi varies wildly, to say the least. An expert sushi maker will spend years in training and apprenticeship. (The best sushi restaurants can easily be counted among most expensive restaurants in america.)

To compile a list of the best sushi bars in each state, 24/7 Tempo compared reviews and ratings appearing on a wide range of websites, including Eater, The daily meal, Travel & Leisure, men’s diary, Free time, Spoon University, cheap, Clicks on restaurants, Journey of the Big Seven, Mashed, Thrillistand Recipeas well as numerous urban and regional sites.

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Few places on this list serve sushi and sashimi exclusively. Almost all offer at least a few hors d’oeuvres and main courses; some also specialize in ramen, tempura, or hibachi dishes; and some even serve a few Chinese or Korean dishes. Additionally, most offer non-traditional specialty rolls, combining ingredients that no classic sushi master in Japan would consider using.

Nonetheless, all are serious about the quality of their fish and shellfish and all offer well-prepared traditional sushi and sashimi if that’s what diners crave. (If you love seafood but aren’t sure about sushi, here are some of the best seafood restaurants in america.)

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