Want more than a meal? 8 Utah Restaurants That Offer Something Extra

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Dining with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers is one of the oldest rituals in human history for bringing people together. Food connects everyone, and sharing a meal is a great way to strengthen old bonds and create new ones. While Utah may not enjoy the same notoriety as other foodie hotspots like Los Angeles and New York, it has plenty of great restaurants to suit every palate and budget.

Everyone has their favorite restaurants and dishes, but sometimes it’s good to mix them up and try something new. Whether it’s interacting with the chef, eating with your hands, dining on a mountaintop, or stepping back in time to medieval England, each of these Utah restaurants is a great place to be. for a new culinary experience.

Here are eight of Utah’s most unique restaurants with something extra.

all five

One of Utah’s oldest dining traditions, The Five Alls will transport you back to medieval times as you savor its old-fashioned English gourmet cuisine and decor. Located off Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City, the restaurant serves sumptuous five-course meals, including their famous Chicken kyiv and Filet Oscar centerpieces.

Metal plates, roaring fires and medieval decor, you’ll feel like you were among the best in the world centuries ago.

Google reviewer Anita F. wrote: “Delicious food, wonderful atmosphere and a fun experience. The five course meal was delicious and my grandfather, who we took for his 93rd birthday, kept saying it was amazing. was the most beautiful restaurant he had ever visited and loved the food and experience. It’s a great place to take anyone for a special and unique dining experience.”

Campfire lounge

If you like the idea of ​​camping food, but not so much for all the other parts of camping, you’ll love the Campfire Lounge in Salt Lake City.

The cozy spot offers hearty fare — think cookies, gravy, hobo dinners, toddlers, and lots of cheese — as well as burgers, salads, wings, and more.

The atmosphere is like a serene campfire in the woods. With two outdoor fire pits and heaters on the patio, you can feel like you’re in the canyon, without all the dirt and bugs. Dogs are also allowed on the terrace.

If you’re the type to enjoy a unique drink, be sure to try their S’mores-tini. It includes S’mores with three olives, creme de cacao and cream, served in a martini rimmed with chocolate and graham crackers.

Want more than a meal?  8 Utah Restaurants That Offer Something Extra
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blue iguana

Not the only colorful iguana restaurant in town, Salt Lake City’s Blue Iguana has been serving up some of the best authentic Mexican cuisine in Utah for 20 years. A six-time Best of State winner, Blue Iguana is “like stepping into Abuela’s kitchen — warm, colorful and inviting, with a lively atmosphere and an outdoor patio to boot,” Blue Iguana’s website says. Come on the weekend for the food and stay for the live music – you’ll feel like you’re in Mexico for a night.

Google reviewer Alex M. said, “Great service, food, drink, and ambiance. It feels like an authentic restaurant in Tlaquepaque or Oaxaca, Mexico.”

log haven

There are plenty of restaurants that showcase Utah’s scenic beauty, but few can beat the surroundings, service, and food in Log Haven. Located in a historic log mansion in the Wasatch National Forest, just minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, Log Haven is gaining national notoriety for a reason.

A recipient of Salt Lake magazine’s coveted Hall of Fame Award, Log Haven was praised by the magazine when he said, “…in addition to having great food, a great atmosphere and passionate people, something something magical has happened to make this restaurant so consistently excellent on all fronts that it thrives as an inspiration to everyone in the business.”

For a great meal, head to Millcreek Canyon and soak up the atmosphere of Log Haven.

Prairie Schooner Steak House

If stepping back in time some 200 years to enjoy a meal sounds like fun, Prairie Schooner Steak House is a must visit for your next outing. At this Ogden steak house, you’ll find yourself sitting in a covered wagon, eating a hearty meal next to the prairie fire.

A Google reviewer wrote: “Amazing food and magical atmosphere. Been coming here since I was a kid and it’s always been a wonderful place to bring the family, the environment takes you back in time, I mean who can s ‘seat in a covered cart for dinner! The service and food are delicious. Don’t just come for a date, bring the kids, they’ll all love it!’

Make a reservation at Priarie Schooner’s for amazing steaks, seafood, chicken and prime rib, with a fun prairie atmosphere.

The top

If you want to take your date to one of Utah’s most unique restaurants, head to the (literal) summit of Snowbird and grab a bite to eat at The Summit Restaurant. Located a few steps from the ariel tram, you will enjoy a view of the valley as you have never seen it before. There are two dining levels to choose from, each offering different views of the beautiful canyon.

Open for snacks, drinks and lunch, The Summit offers delicious organic dishes based on the traditions of French rotisserie and Rocky Mountain barbecue.

Want more than a meal?  8 Utah Restaurants That Offer Something Extra
Photo: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.com

Bucket of crayfish

West Valley City‘s Bucket O’ Crawfish Restaurant is arguably one of Utah’s messiest, most delicious, and most unique dining experiences. Offering Cajun-style seafood with a Vietnamese twist, you know you’re in for a good time when the host hands you a bib as you sit down. No silverware or plates are needed here, just dig in with your hands and you’re good to go.

The waiter will lay a plastic tablecloth on your table, and instead of plates, you’ll get your portion of food directly on the plastic! When they say no silverware, they really mean it.

Reviewer Anna N. reported, “I’ve been to a few seafood restaurants here in Utah and none have ever been as good as Bucket’s. My husband and I have been coming here for years and keep coming back…the food is amazing and definitely not. bland like all the other places we’ve been to.”

Good Move Coffee

Located at the corner of Center Street and University Avenue in Provo, the Good Move Cafe is a hot spot for people looking for dinnertime fun and possibly some strategy. Although they serve delicious food, you will focus on the walls and walls of games and puzzles available to play during your stay at the restaurant.

With games from decades ago to newer games you haven’t even heard of, you’ll find a way to pass the time quickly. The food is almost as eclectic as the concept itself – one Google reviewer tried the PBJ Jalapeño Smashup Burger, describing it as “weird but absolutely delicious”.

The Good Move Cafe is open Monday through Saturday and, although not required, reservations are recommended.

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