Letters to the Editor – Will Smith, Warsaw Speech, Carbon Tax, Utah Governor, Southlake

Another new low

Will Smith’s pathetic “what we do for love” apology for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars is reminiscent of the excuses used by perpetrators of domestic violence the world over: I love you, therefore I kick you.

He should be strongly and publicly condemned by all media for his outrageous behavior. And while that’s unlikely, he should be banned from movies, TV, or any other media events he’s currently involved in or considering.

Just when I think we’ve hit a new low, people find a way to prove me wrong.

Dee Wilson, Plano

Biden scored with a speech

President Joe Biden’s speech in Warsaw on Saturday may have been the most important, and arguably the best, speech of his administration. The audience was more than Poland and Ukraine – it was every nation in the world opposed to autocracy and committed to freedom and democratic principles. It was spoken loud and clear, placing the current war in a larger historical context, showing that “might does good” and that once again we are called to save democracy.

“Do not be afraid”, the profound words of a former pope from Poland, effectively began and ended the speech.

Although many do not support Biden’s policies, make no mistake that he is the right leader to deal with this crucial and dangerous moment in history. Biden has a deep understanding of history, substantial foreign policy experience and the appropriate rhetorical temper to deal with a war that must not escalate into World War III.

Simply put, sometimes we don’t need a man for all seasons, but a special man for the here and now.

Richard Cherwitz Austin

An American parallel

Re: “After Gorbachev, what was wrong? Russia was on the brink of freedom and democracy in the 1990s. Now it’s a bully,” by Carl P. Leubsdorf, Sunday Opinion.

What went wrong? As Russia moved from Mikhail Gorbachev to Vladimir Putin, the Republican Party moved from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

Harold Allen, Heath

A better option

Re: “Texas Can Lead on Energy or Fall Behind – Environmentalists, Energy Boosters Must Join Forces and Reduce Reliance on Oil and Gas”, by Colin Leyden, Friday Opinion.

I couldn’t agree more with the author. Switching to low-carbon energy is not only better for our children’s future, but also economically smart. Furthermore, I would like to add that putting a national price on carbon emissions is the most effective way to reduce emissions, while improving the free market.

Not including the cost of emissions in the price of fossil fuels is a market failure. The combination of a carbon price and border adjustment allows US companies to reap the rewards of their carbon advantage over other countries. And if you return the proceeds to households in the form of checks or direct deposits, most people will end up with more money in their pockets, boosting the economy.

This approach is strongly supported by economists. There is a bipartisan bill in Congress that does this, HR 2307. I would like to urge my congressman, Colin Allred, to consider co-sponsoring it.

Thomas Wikman, North Dallas

Thank you, governor

Re: “Utah Governor Vetoes Transgender Sports Bill – Republican – Citing Doubts – Decides ‘To Be Excessively Kind’,” Wednesday’s report.

As a grandmother of a transgender person, I want to thank you, Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried when I read the story containing your words in The Dallas Morning News.

Even though I’m 70, I don’t understand everything in this world. I know I have a wonderful grandchild who started out as a granddaughter and is now a wonderful grandson! The how and why escape me, but one thing is certain: no one would choose the difficulties of transition and surgery without a deep and vital need for change. Thank you and God bless you!

Sally Lowry, Far North Dallas

A little inconsistency

Oh, the irony about Thursday’s front page. Governor Greg Abbott Calls Beto O’Rourke Pro-Russian? What does he think then, I wonder, of former President Donald Trump, who openly praised Vladimir Putin? Really, it’s too much.

Richard Street, Carrollton

It’s not a medium

Re: “Mayor tweets anti-trans meme – Shows image of man in ‘strong woman competition'”, March 20 article in Metro.

Yet another example of a local leader commenting on an issue he knows little about. Southlake Mayor John Huffman obviously has no idea what it means when someone is transgender or has gender dysphoria. He wrote: “I will always stand up for girls across the country – including my two daughters – who have the right to compete in their sports on a fair and equal playing field.” Seriously?

What he does is not defend the girls. It overthrows an already battered transgender community. Because if he really stands up for girls, then he should stand up for all girls, including transgender girls. His time would be better spent teaching himself and his daughters why people are transgender and how to be more understanding and empathetic towards them.

Alison L. Luke, McKinney

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