How to take the first step to a tech-focused career you’ll love

(good things utah) Starting a new career can be a nerve-wracking undertaking. The stress of fulfilling a new role to the best of our abilities will ultimately make or break our future – making it much easier for those with an education to do.

For registered students Dixie Technical College in southern Utah, getting the education and experience needed to succeed can be done in a year or less. This is accomplished with targeted programs and practical instruction, all designed to accelerate education with essential skills and affordable tuition.

There is an impressive collection of programs for Dixie Tech students, including accredited programs in computer science, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and the service industry.

“You look around, it’s an incredible space,” remarks Jordan Rushton, new president of Dixie Tech. “We train students to go to work in great careers that will help them support themselves, their families and [really] building our society and our economy here in a really big way…”

Dixie Tech programs have been designed with the future of students in mind, as the school works closely with employers for some of the world’s most in-demand careers to train students. Upon completion, they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase their value in the job market.

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