Donald Trump Jr. allegedly pocketed a huge bull moose in Maine

It’s pretty hard to do anything these days that’s “under the radar” if your name is Donald Trump Jr., but somehow he pulled it off in late September. Trump Jr., known to be a fanatical big game hunter, traveled to Maine rather quietly and managed to snag a massive bull moose weighing nearly 900 pounds during moose hunting season of Maine.

Shared on Facebook by Dick Scorzafava, Trump Jr. can be seen posing proudly on his bull moose, managing to catch the massive animal with a little help from a few friends. The bull moose that Donald Trump Jr. bagged weighed 870 pounds. Trump Jr. reportedly ventured deep into the Maine woods on his moose hunt, patrolling the woods near the small towns of Hersey and Patten.

The story of Trump Jr.’s hunt was confirmed by another person on Facebook. Shared by Robert Kaffel, a different angle of the fallen majestic beast was shared. Kaffel added that the moose was killed in Stacyville and tagged in Shin Pond, and the full story will be released in about a month.

Unquestionably, Donald Trump Jr. is a polarizing figure in American culture. After the photo of Trump Jr. with the bull moose began circulating, many people wondered how Trump Jr. would have obtained a license to hunt moose in Maine. After all, many Maine natives have been waiting decades for the opportunity to hunt a moose.

According to, the answer may be in the provision that allows a licensed hunter to choose a sub-license to hunt with him. No law prohibits a licensed hunter from hosting a sub-license who might be the “highest bidder,” and while there’s no confirmation that’s how Trump Jr. got the opportunity , this is the most likely scenario.

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