Celebrity’s Soul Food, “The New Managers of Soul Food”, unveils menu for national rollout of 200 stores

Beverly Hills, California (RestaurantNews.com) Celebrity Soul Food®, the country’s fastest growing soul food chain, recently announced key menu selections that will be featured in new open locations across the country. The restaurant brand serves premium soul cuisine prepared fresh and using high quality ingredients. Celebrity’s is also making history by offering a “pork-free zone”. The New Managers of Soul Food have reimagined well-known favorites by preparing them in new and unique ways, as evidenced by the dishes featured on the national menu.

Dr J, who is a celebrity CEO and radio and TV personality on the Stevie Wonder-owned platform, has been featured in over 600 publications combined with magazine articles, TV appearances, and guest appearances. radio interviews as Celebrity’s Soul Food makes history as the first national soul. food chain.

“We push the boundaries with soul food and invite customers to explore the traditional and exotic side of cooking,” said Dr Fredrick Jacobs Founder and CEO of Celebrity’s Soul Food. “We are incredibly proud of the menu items that will be featured in our new locations because they speak to the essence of Celebrity’s and our innovative approach to soul food.

Signature Celebrity dishes that will feature on the national menu include Celebrity Status Wings, Star Pineapple Bowls, Glazed and Braised Oxtails, Camel Meatloaf, Red Velvet Bundt Cake Infused with caramel, Cajun-rubbed Chilean sea bass and a list of traditional souls, vegan and vegetarian sides. We have infused our menu to meet the demanding needs of our vegan and vegetarian families.

The?Celebrity Status Wings? are a good start to a meal. The wings are mixed with Celebrity’s Gold Infused Wing sauce and coated with edible gold powder. The wings are served with dirty seasoned celery and herb buttermilk vinaigrette.?

Star pineapple bowlsA bowl of premium seafood is offered with colossal garlic butter shrimp and a special seasoned snow crab leg. All are garnished with baby red potatoes, fresh corn and purloo rice, and topped with a Creole garlic butter sauce. A vegan version is also offered with Celebrity’s Pulled Jackfruit which is paired with their vegan chili aioli.

the Cajun rubbed chilean sea bass is inspired by a multitude of inspirations, Asian, Italian and Cajun. The fish dish highlights the universality of soul food. Chilean sea bass is rubbed with a celebrity’s signature CSF Cajun seasoning and paired with purple sweet potato gnocchi. All the flavors are linked with a soul infused Indonesian sauce, Celebrity’s Garlic-Brown Sugar? Kecap? Manis.

Highlight the creative and exotic side of cooking, sharing Salver game is offered in their full-service quality casual locations. Changing offers for customers to enjoy a new experience, it includes items like short deer ribs, drooping chicken necks, camel meatloaf, roasted marrow bones, and more.

Drawing on the rich history of soul food, Celebrity’s takes an elevated approach with its Glazed and braised beef tails. Seasoned with their own blend of herbs and spices, the oxtails are slowly cooked in a classic French demi-glace. Tender and succulent, they are then frozen for an amazing look and flavor.

Soul food cuisine is known for its sides. Celebrity’s takes this welcome trait of the kitchen and raises the bar with its own legendary recipes. Dr J’s Mac & Cheese, Linda’s Sweet Potato Soufflé, and Stone ground cheese oatmeal are some of the signature sides offered. Taking a bold step, the brand Braised Collard Greens are vegan, do not contain meat, while retaining all the flavor.

Celebrity’s offers a sweet finish to any meal with their Caramel Infused Red Velvet Bundt Cake. The dessert is incredibly soft and tasty. A popular recipe for Celebrity’s, the cake is dipped in a rich caramel sauce and topped with a fresh sweet cream cheese frosting. Red Velvet Cake is a staple in Soul Food cooking, but Celebrity’s bred it to match their stellar menu.

Celebrity culture is one of inclusiveness. For this purpose, they constitute a pork-free zone. No pork product is in their recipes.

“Our recipes are influenced by more than a dozen different cultures from around the world,” added Dr. Jacobs. “Merging various global cuisines, the vision of our menus is one of fusebiquity, highlighting how universal soul food cuisine is. To meet growing demand, we are delighted to share these signature dishes and more with our customers.

Celebrity’s is expanding its presence across North America with franchise opportunities. Emerging markets for Celebrity’s include Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, South Carolina, New Jersey and Illinois.

For more information on Celebrity’s Soul Food, visit www.celebrityssoulfood.com.

About Celebrity’s Soul Food

Celebrity Soul Food®, the fastest growing soul food chain in the country, offers each guest legendary handmade dishes, accompanied by a VIP experience. The quality casual restaurant takes guests on a culinary adventure with their innovative twists on traditional soul cuisine. The dishes are prepared fresh and with high quality ingredients.

Celebrity Soul Food was founded and is run by a husband and wife duo, Dr Fredrick and Taja Jacobs. The company’s offices are located in California and Florida. For more information visit www.celebrityssoulfood.com.

For more information on the Celebrity Soul Food franchise opportunity, visit https://www.celebrityssoulfood.com/franchise.

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