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Women start and grow businesses, create jobs, support families financially, and contribute to the local and state economy. When we support women leading businesses, we encourage growth, create opportunities for communities and grow the middle class.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find women-owned businesses to support. That’s why the Women’s Business Center of Utah (WBCUtah), housed within the Salt Lake Chamber, created Utah’s first directory of women-owned businesses.

“When creating the directory, our intention was to showcase women-owned businesses in Utah and make it very easy for potential customers to find them,” said Ann Marie Wallace, state director for WBCUtah. . “We wanted to create an easy-to-use platform to empower women leaders and their businesses.”

The directory serves as a comprehensive listing of Utah’s for-profit businesses owned and operated by women. Additionally, the directory is searchable by city and county throughout Utah, making it easy to locate and find women-owned businesses anywhere in the state.

Shari Johnson.  Owner, retired groomer, dog lover extraordinaire.
Shari Johnson. Owner, retired groomer, dog lover extraordinaire.

“I love knowing I’m in the repertoire,” said Shari Johnson, owner of 7 Tree Farms, a dog daycare and boarding facility. “It’s empowering and creates a sense of belonging. It can feel like a lonely world running a business, especially as a woman.”

The directory already has more than 1,300 women-owned businesses, shops and businesses, and being on the directory isn’t the only benefit for those listed. Each company also has the opportunity to receive free training, consultation and advice from WBCUtah.

“The Women’s Business Center helped me realize that there were so many options for my business,” said Miray Diner, owner of Moab 4Moon gift shop. “Having a mentor helps me feel like I’m not alone, and it’s helped me grow and focus on my business.”

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, the United States now has 12.3 million women-owned businesses. In Utah specifically, women own more than 89,000 businesses and earn more than $15.7 billion each year. Given these staggering numbers, supporting women-owned businesses in Utah is as essential today as ever.

“It is more important than ever to help women-owned businesses, and the economy in general, by encouraging people and businesses to buy, promote, mentor and invest in women-owned businesses. in them,” Wallace said.

The next time you need something, head over to Find a local woman-owned business when looking for a place to eat, visit or shop. Supporting our female entrepreneurs is a win-win situation for both our state and our economy.

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