3 new restaurants to try this summer in St. George

St. George is booming with new places to eat this summer, and I got to try three of the latest editions from our local restaurants:

Spilled milk

Just this week, Spilled Milk, a gourmet ice cream shop, made its way onto River Road, with its unique twist on traditional vanilla flavors. Spilled Milk started up north as Sugar House, an ice cream truck that traveled around Salt Lake City, said Kendrick Williams, whose parents own the company.

Spilled milk costs more than most ice cream parlors, but it’s a unique experience. I tried the Over the Rainbow flavor, a vanilla base mixed with Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch cereal topped with Rainbow Rope on an orange Creamsicle cone. It costs about $7 per cone.

Spilled Milk is the newest ice cream shop in St. George near River Rd.

The ice cream itself was unlike anything I had ever tasted, with a sweet vanilla base but an overall fruit flavor. The cone was large and filling and they certainly didn’t fail to add as much as possible.

There is limited seating inside the store, but there are several great spots to take photos with the unique-looking ice cream. Spilled Milk also serves ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes.

Visit www.spilledmilkicecream.com for more details.

37 Korean Restaurant

Next I tried 37 Korean Eatery on Sunset Blvd which specializes in traditional Korean food. They opened a few weeks ago but are still working on some of the finer details of the restaurant and expect to have a full menu available by next week.

I ordered bibimbap, which is a Korean-style bowl of rice with vegetables, a fried egg, and a choice of meat; I asked for beef. The restaurant was open and cozy with an urban feel that I haven’t seen anywhere else in St. George. There’s even a seating area with cushions and sofas for waiting.

37 Korean Eatery brings Korean flavors to St. George.

37 Korean Eatery is a treat, but it can be pricey. Each dish costs around $16 to $18 or more, depending on what you get. However, a bowl of bibimbap was more than enough for two people.

To accompany the bibimbap, there were six toppings of different vegetables, fishcakes, beans and more, making it a standout dish.

The food isn’t the most affordable in town, but the prices might be worth it for those looking for a taste not often found in southern Utah.


RocTaco takes traditional street tacos and gives them an interesting twist.

The newly opened restaurant is located off St. George Blvd just off Flake Pie Companyo and is owned by the same people.

ROCTACO takes street tacos and changes the game with unique flavors.

Upon entering, I felt transported to somewhere in California as the walls were covered with lively beach wallpaper and a giant plastic octopus hanging overhead. Low lighting and menu tilt made reading difficult. The place was particularly popular on this visit, and it felt busy and loud. It may not be popular with grandparents, but it certainly speaks to a younger audience.

I ended up ordering three of the tacos and horchata to get the full scope of the menu. I ordered the Royal which is a barbecue chicken taco in a homemade flour tortilla with coleslaw and crispy onions. I also ordered the Rude Bull with carne asada, cream of avocado, spicy chipotle sauce and various types of cheese. Finally, I opted for the Chancho, which had a unique raspberry sauce over Cuban carnitas and pickled red onions.

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I found they were bigger than most street tacos and would feel full after eating just one. I didn’t particularly like the sweetness of the Royal and the Chancho, but I loved the Rude Bull, which had a tangy taste and lots of filling. The tacos were about $7 each. ROCTACO definitely tastes different than elsewhere around St. George and is at least worth a try.

To learn more about ROCTACO, visit www.roctaco.com.

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