why bird owners are vigilant and the symptoms you should look out for

UTAH COUNTY, Utah “Right now, people in Utah County have to keep a close eye on their herds.

The warnings come as the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food confirms a case of bird flu in northern Utah County.

Currently, 29 states, including Utah, are reporting cases of bird flu.

As a result, many chicken owners, including Elk Ridge resident Nelson Abbott, are worried about how best to protect their poultry.

For over 35 years, Abbott has bred many birds. Right now he has several chickens. pigeons and parakeets.

“I just do it as a hobby, because I love birds,” Abbott said.

Now Abbott is keeping an eagle eye on bird flu, which has landed in a small backyard flock in Utah County.

Utah State Veterinarian at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Dean Taylor, said that as a chicken owner, the best thing you can do right now is to keep your chickens indoors.

“Instead of letting them loose right now, get them into the cages,” Taylor said.

While birds of a feather may flock together, it’s not the best time yet.

“Don’t go visit other poultry, other friends with poultry. Do not approach their hens. If you have poultry, I wouldn’t go to parks where they have wild ducks,” Taylor said.

Rest assured, as its name suggests, bird flu mainly affects birds.

This most likely means that your dogs, cats and other pets will be fine.

“The strain that’s infecting us right now has never been associated with humans, so we think the risk is very low there, and even lower of pets getting sick,” Taylor said.

However, staying cautious if you are in an area with lots of birds is a good idea.

“I would probably leave those shoes in the garage and clean them,” Taylor said.

The state veterinarian said that when it comes to finding eggs in your grocery store, if bird flu spreads, it could become more difficult if bird flu enters a laying house.

This is because these products would be out of stock for weeks or even months.

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