The famous Westbrook cafe will open a new ice cream shop

If you’ve walked Main Street in Westbrook, chances are you’ve noticed The daily. The cleverly named cafe is a popular spot for locals to grab their cup of coffee away from the national chains. Before the pandemic, The Daily Grind always had customers inside its four walls, as staff served sandwiches, pastries and more. During the pandemic, The Daily Grind shifted gears. closing their usual store and operating a convenient and sneaky drive-thru lane that became a lifeline for those ordering anything and everything from the comfort of their car.

This drive-thru lane is still as popular as it’s ever been with a group of friendly characters inside the bright orange building always serving delicious cups of Joe. But what to do with the old café that remained closed? The Daily Grind couldn’t contain the excitement inside and unveiled on Facebook that very soon the café will become an ice cream parlor when it reopens. Oh, and don’t worry coffee fanatics, The Daily Grind cafe’s drive-thru lane will remain open.

It looks like the new ice cream shop will be called The Daily Scoop. The plan is to figure Gifford’s ice cream On the menu. The Daily Grind promises more details, including an opening date and initial menu options in the very near future. It may come as a surprise to Westbrook’s nearly 20,000 residents, but outside of Dairy Queen, there are no dedicated ice cream parlors in the entire town. That will soon change and will be a welcome addition to a rapidly growing area of ​​Main Street with new businesses, including the upcoming relocation of Blaze’s Burgers and Paper City Barbecue.

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