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US Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Wednesday criticized a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill and argued that the bill would hurt “poor and middle-class Americans.”

The bill in question is the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a nearly $ 1 trillion proposal backed by Democrats and more than a dozen Republicans, including Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who l ‘called it a good compromise earlier this week “that gets paid and that gives the American people what they desperately need, and that is an upgrade to our infrastructure. “

“Our bill is not perfect,” Romney said Sunday. ” It’s not free. I want to note that if the Democrats had drafted the bill entirely on their own, Utah probably would have ended up with the small end of the stick. Thanks to our participation in this effort, some of our rural states like mine have been able to take their places at the table. This means limiting spending on bad policies that only benefit wealthy coastal towns in the East and Far West. “

But Lee and a handful of Republican senators disagreed with Romney’s assessment on Wednesday and argued the bill would increase the country’s already massive debt.

“There are a lot of people who would benefit in so many ways. But there’s a huge problem with that: it’s not paid, ”Lee said at a press conference in Washington, DC.

Lee noted that the United States is “in a period of high inflation brought on by a period of almost unlimited and unlimited federal spending” and said the infrastructure bill “is apparently unrelated. it, with the laws of mathematics or with the amount of money. that was brought.

“It would spawn another inflation bomb in an economy that has already been carpet bombed by other inflation bombs,” he said.

But the Utah senator also acknowledged that the trillion dollar bill “does a lot of good things and would help a lot of deserving recipients.”

Lee said he supported and respected Republicans who worked for the compromise, but added that “just because something is bipartisan doesn’t mean it makes sense to the American people.”

“That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt poor and middle-class Americans to give more money to an already bloated federal government,” he said. “And I have serious concerns with that.”

Other GOP lawmakers who spoke at Wednesday’s press conference included Sen. Rick Scott, R-Florida, who said “we need to stop this reckless spending (and) live within our means.”

“We also know we’ve seen significant inflation this year,” the Florida Republican said. “We all know inflation is caused by reckless government spending. And so it’s not going to be paid, it’s not money that we have in the bank. This will be paid for by borrowing.

Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, argued that the bill “would put our children even more in debt.”

“We support all infrastructure,” Johnson said. “We all know we have to spend money for a productive economy. We need to fix our bridges and our roads. The shame of this bill is (that) we could have paid for infrastructure without going into more debt and without mortgaging our children’s future.

Connor Richards covers government, the environment and southern Utah County for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at [email protected] and 801-344-2599.

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