SBI Client: Here’s How To Withdraw Money Using SBI Automated Deposit And Withdrawal Machine


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In a tweet, the main PSB State Bank of India advocated the use of the SBI Automated Deposit and Withdrawal Machine (ADWM) to withdraw money quickly. In addition, the bank also shared a short video of approximately 22 seconds detailing the bank’s ADWM. “We have all used this machine to deposit money but we can even withdraw money from these machines,” the bank said.

SBI Client: Here's How To Withdraw Money Using SBI ADWM

SBI Client: Here’s How To Withdraw Money Using SBI Automated Deposit And Withdrawal Machine

“Why stay in the ATM queue when you have ADWM to your rescue? Use our ADWM and withdraw money fast,” the country’s top lender said in a tweet.

How to withdraw money quickly using ADWM from SBI?

Here is the suggested step by step process for withdrawing money using the bank’s ADWM network with 13,000 of these machines deployed across the country.

The process is similar to withdrawing cash using an ATM:

1. Go to your local SBI automatic deposit and withdrawal machine with your ATM debit card.
2. Now, among the different options available, you have to select the bank.
3. Select the language of your choice and enter the following button.
4. At this point you will need to enter your ATM PIN code
5. Now click on cash withdrawal, enter the amount to withdraw.
6. The SBI deposit and withdrawal machine will dispense the entered amount.
Additionally, as an additional layer of security, for cash withdrawals over Rs. 10,000, SBI started with OTP based cash withdrawal i.e. now extended all day compared at the previous limited hours.

Article first published: Tuesday September 22, 2020, 1:58 PM [IST]

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