Ready-meal prices are climbing higher than bottle rockets this year, averaging $10 more than last year

Fire up your grill this weekend and get ready to splash the cash – the price of a 4th of July BBQ has skyrocketed.

An average summer barbecue for 10 people at today’s prices rose from $59.50 last year to $69.68, an increase of $10.18 or 17%, according to the latest survey on the American Farm Bureau Federation cart. It had fallen 16 cents in 2021 from a year earlier, a figure that had the White House celebrating Biden with puns.

“Planning a barbecue this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a July 4 barbecue is down from last year,” the White House said. yelled in a tweet on July 1, 2021. “It’s a fact that needs to be heard(d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And it’s something we can all savor.

The modest decrease was still far from a recovery from 2020’s $4.78 increase over 2019.

The Farm Bureau, an insurance company and lobby group representing the American agricultural industry in DC, released its analysis of a purse of Independence Day favorites on Monday and found only three items – two pints of strawberries at $4.44, a pound of sliced ​​cheese at $3.53 and a 16-ounce bag of potato chips at $4.71 – had fallen in price since 2021.

The biggest price increase was two pounds of ground beef at $11.12, or 36% from $8.20 in 2021, which was actually down 8% from 2020, which the Bureau attributed to the resolution of disruptions to beef and pork production caused by the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Overall, the price of food cooked at home – such as at a barbecue – was up 11.9% in May compared to the same month last year, compared to a 10.1% increase for all foods, according to the latest Consumer Price Index report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

Eggs, which are not usually considered in a barbecue, were a notable change in the CPI report, as they were up almost a third from last year at 32.2%. But meat — which is really weighing down the holiday budget this year — had itself jumped 13.1% from last year.

That’s what you pay in the market, but beef wholesalers actually earn a bit less in trade, with beef wholesale trading 14.2% lower in May than in the same period the last year, according to the Producer Price Index report. These tricky egg prices are even more extreme at the producer level at more than double the price, a 100.7% increase, over last year.

This 4th of July grocery shopping shock may just be a precursor to another shock down the line, as the Department of Agriculture predicts that food-at-home prices in 2022 will rise by A further 8.5% to 9.5%, with restaurants and takeaways seeing a bit more modest increase of 6% to 7% as the year drags on.

New Englanders are experiencing average price increases of 9% across all categories due to inflation, according to the April State Inflation Tracker released by Republican members of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress – a rate that is surprisingly lower than that of the states hardest hit by recent inflation.

Residents of Mountain West — and particularly Utah and Colorado, which glow bright red on the committee’s inflation map — are feeling a different kind of Rocky Mountain peak with prices rising 12.7% .

  • Courtesy of the American Federation of Agricultural Bureau

    An analysis by the American Farm Bureau Federation shows that Americans will spend about 17% more on a standard barbecue on July 4 than last year. (American Federation of Agricultural Bureaux)

  • An analysis by the American Farm Bureau Federation shows that...

    American Federation of Agricultural Bureaus

    An analysis by the American Farm Bureau Federation shows that Americans will spend about 17% more on a standard barbecue on July 4 than last year. (American Federation of Agricultural Bureaux)

  • A heat map showing the relative rates of inflation...

    Courtesy/Republicans of the Joint Economic Committee

    A heat map showing the relative rates of inflation experienced by residents of different US states as of April 12, 2022, according to Republican members of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee’s State Inflation Tracker. New England prices jumped 9% in April 2022 from January 2021, but the region was not the worst off by far. (Courtesy/Joint Economic Committee Republicans)

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