Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star in Netflix comedy without laughter or chemistry

me timedirected and written by John Hamburg (Meet the parents), pairs Hollywood powerhouses Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in a chemistry-free friendship full of slapstick comedy and hijinks. Hamburg is known for its comic work. The same goes for Hart and Wahlberg, but the three combined created something full of hot air. Regina Hall also stars in the film and is relegated to the background as a nagging significant other. It’s actually impressive how unfunny this movie is and how you have to sit through every painful moment until the credits roll.



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The film opens with Sonny Fisher (Hart) and Huck Dembo (Wahlberg) celebrating the latter’s 29th birthday in Moab, Utah. As expected, something wacky happens to Sonny, setting the tone for their friendship. Fifteen years later, Sonny is now a homemaker who cooks, cleans, and is president of the PTA. His wife, Maya (Hall), works as an architect and is the breadwinner. Huck throws another birthday party when he turns 44 and is still hanging out with people in their twenties. Sonny doesn’t want to go because he’s a family man now. However, everyone around him sees that he needs a break as he has no life outside of his family.

Maya decides to leave him home alone while she takes the kids on vacation and encourages him to enjoy life. He goes to the golf course, to the restaurant with friends and to the strip club, but he is not satisfied. When he finally bonds with Huck, Sonny decides to join in the birthday party. Huck didn’t tell the truth, however. He has money problems and dangerous people follow him. After being so cavalier about his party lifestyle and frivolous spending, he took it out on himself. That’s when Sonny discovers that the party life isn’t all it’s made out to be.

me time is one of those coming-of-age stories for middle-aged men. Sonny doesn’t know who he is outside of the family, so he begins to explore what it could be. It embarks on a journey of discovery that should be hilarious, but is more of the same old schtick we’ve seen repeatedly from Hart and Wahlberg. There are a few funny moments, but it all feels like déjà vu – you’ve seen these same performances elsewhere in another film, which leaves me time feel ordinary. There’s no substance, just vibes, and it wouldn’t be such a chore if the movie was fun. Sure, there’s something to be said for the film’s general theme of not judging a book by its cover or that you don’t have to look far for happiness, but it’s buried under gags and outdated jokes.

Look, I don’t go into Kevin Hart movies expecting something serious, but I wish I had a laugh or two. With the Hamburg script and shaky performances from the main cast, Me Time is another existing film in the soon-to-be-forgotten Hollywood void. It’s pretentious, dry and 1h44 of ME TIME I can’t come back.

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