How two brothers from a small coal mining town built the main solar platform

LEHI, UTAH, United States, September 30, 2021 / – The story of one of the country’s major solar rigs begins ironically in a small mining town of Colstrip, Montana.

Brothers and co-founders, Will (CEO) and Dave Anderson (CMO) were brought up in the face of the reality of the energy crisis. “My brother and I grew up in the shade of the coal-fired power station chimneys and the clouds of smog left by them. It’s amazing how propaganda works. At school, they always told us that the smoke coming out of the factory was ninety percent water. Can you believe it: ninety percent water? Now that I’m older it’s like, well, what’s the remaining ten percent? Dave recounted.

Dave and Will come from humble beginnings, but from an early age they appreciated the power of education and persistence. Their mother, a teacher in a special school, was a role model and a guide to encourage her sons to continue their studies and strive for excellence. Will Anderson went to Stanford for his MBA and to MIT for his undergraduate degree where he studied chemistry and finance. He felt inspired to do so as he struggled to answer the question he asked as a child in Colstrip, MT, “What happens when the coal runs out?” From an early age, his life’s work has focused on tackling the problem of energy and associated environmental crises.

Dave graduated in economics from the University of Utah, then continued his career in the security industry, where he embarked on learning, building and ultimately selling a security company. very prosperous home.

The education and experiences of the early 2000s laid the foundation for Dave and Will’s first joint venture in 2007 – this joint venture was a business that mediated between small regional banks or credit unions and car dealerships. This company was called Risk Allocation Systems, it was a unique system that would allow the credit institution and the concessionaire to share the risk of the loan.

In 2009, the solar industry was an emerging market in key regions of the United States. The Anderson brothers were excited about the future of solar and wanted to get involved early on. Due to the relationship established with Risk Allocation Systems, Dave and Will’s first solar business helped a local credit union begin offering solar loans.

Since 2010, with this new partnership, Complete Solar has not deviated from its mission to “propel the solar energy industry”. Complete Solar’s software, partnerships and processes enable companies at every stage to grow their business by working through Complete Solar’s proven platform. As one of the top rated solar companies in the industry, Complete Solar prides itself on the environmental impact of its platform and how it unifies the solar industry. According to Dave Anderson, “the only way to reduce the harmful effects of traditional energy production is through partnership. It is the fastest and most efficient way to further develop the industry. “

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Complete Solar is a leading residential solar company with platform technology to manage all aspects of the customer experience. Thanks to this platform and this technology, Complete Solar partners with the best companies specializing in each link of the solar value chain. The platform is designed to become an industry standard that enables further specialization and improves every aspect of the value chain, reducing costs and improving the customer experience. The company currently serves 14 states and is headquartered in San Ramon, California.
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