Dree laundry services are changing the way you do laundry


YesDo you know that pile of laundry you wanted to go to – the one with the untreated grass stains from the kids’ soccer tournament that went into permanent grinding status? What if I told you that you’ve never had to drop another load of laundry in the washer, ever?

Well no. Utah startup Dree can do that for you.

I am not joking. Imagine it: a laundry concierge service (angelic choir cue). It’s such a popular concept that Dree is already seeing 45% month-over-month growth in her first year as one of Silicon Slopes’ recent newborns. This kind of growth makes sense when you see how Dree makes life easier for people experiencing dirty laundry, just about every one of us.

How it works

After designing his online platform from scratch, Dree streamlined the customer experience. All customers need to do is create an account, set preferences on details like preferred detergent and fabric softener, and select a pickup date and time. Put the dirty laundry in your Dree bag and leave it on your porch, and voila! Your “dreepro” (the term used by the company to refer to the person who takes care of your laundry service) collects it and delivers your laundry to you clean, folded and ready to be put away the next day.

Unlike many peer-to-peer services (think Instacart and Uber), dreepros are associated with long-term customers, so they get to know the nuances of what works for each customer.

“We’ve taken a lot of time, a lot of testing, engaging daily with our members to understand the features they want,” said Dree co-founder and CEO Edgar Carreon. “Everyone’s laundry experience is different: some dry, some don’t; some use fabric softeners, some don’t. The way we deliver this experience is very personalized.

Two birds, one stone

Why create a company that aims to become the Doordash of laundry? First, Carreon says the company wants to “give back the time you really can’t afford,” citing the 552 hours we spend on average doing laundry each year, or about 44% of the 1,300 hours we spend on laundry. apparently devote to household chores. But more than that, Dree wants to pave the way for those who need a work-from-home foray into the gig economy.

“One of the things about the gig economy is that it comes across as if it’s for anyone. All you have to do is click on an app and register. [But for many types of gig work], it’s a high cost business, ”says Carreon. “You have to have a vehicle and be away from home for long periods of time. Your income is fickle, it could be great today, not so good tomorrow. We wanted to create work opportunities through this model together which can provide constant income. “

As uncomfortable as it sounds, Carreon says, eight out of ten loads of home-made laundry are made by women, so Dree has built around those needs in particular. “Most of the women lacking in the odd-job economy are either stay-at-home moms or one-car households,” he says. “There is a connection that needs to be made, a great band in our community that has been left out of the concert economy.”

Carreon says that for him Dree’s mission comes from a very personal place. “A lot of my experience determines what I do,” he says. “I am an immigrant. I came to the United States when I was 10 years old. I think of my mother, who had to be away from home for many hours to work. She couldn’t be with us, never got to things like parent-teacher conferences. I think if my mom had been there but still had the option to feed us and participate financially, it would have been totally different. Not that everything [our dreepros] are in this situation, but I think of moms who have to make these decisions. It’s a 100 percent priority for me.

A very good concert

With the needs of the dreepros at the forefront, Dree paid attention to detail. Carreon says dreepros can earn up to $ 900 per week, with most earning an average of between $ 500 and $ 600 per week. Dree is also partnering with a provider to provide workers and their families with affordable health care.

“Because we have a large group of Spanish speakers who don’t usually have a relationship with their bank, we’ve partnered up with an all-Spanish bank,” Carreon explains. “Dreepros can open an account, get direct deposit, have a debit card, and have resources.”

Dree provides laundry supplies and discounts on washer and dryer maintenance. The company covers up to $ 1,000 in repair and replacement insurance on every laundry order.

Since dreepros are matched with clients, the company’s platform also allows both parties to have flexibility, communicate any schedule changes, and provide backups if a dreepro is not available. for the regularly scheduled order of a customer.

“Now that we are looking to fill other positions, we are calling on our dreepros,” says Carreon. “It’s exciting for me – we just extended our first offering to someone who has been a dreepro. We want 80 percent of our workforce to be female, so as we develop these positions we need to take into account that it’s always the same moms who want a flexible work environment. . Our COO even does a large part of its work remotely.

Dree’s COO is Natalie Paul, who some may recognize as a Utah-based angel investor alongside her husband Scott. Last year, Paul went from one of Dree’s first clients to co-founder and COO through a series of chance connections. Carreon says his impact in shaping the business has been significant.

After considering other locations, the launch in Utah was intentional for Carreon and his co-founder and CTO Tony Mucci. “We wanted to go where the people were nice because we knew we were going to make mistakes early on,” Carreon says. He also noted that in addition to the level of activity from tech startups and great support from the governor, Utah’s larger than average household size makes Beehive State “a good place to fill a whole bag and see how long it takes to process this laundry.

And after

Dree is currently available along the Wasatch Front, with plans to go statewide. The company is also testing in the Seattle area, perfecting logistics to serve a more densely populated area. With plans to release the app in the coming months, Dree is committed to making its digital platform even more efficient for customers and dreepros.

With all of this technology, customer support, and female empowerment going on, consider the fact that a dreepro could give you those ever-precious minutes back the next time you fold that endless load of blanks.


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