Dae Gee Korean BBQ Launches National Franchise Program

Three times since 2015, famed restaurateur Guy Fieri got a taste of Korean barbecue Dae Gee on his culinary reality TV series Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Soon foodies across the country will have the same opportunity, as the popular Denver-based restaurant chain recently announced plans to expand through franchising.

With five company-owned restaurants currently open and operating in Colorado’s Front Range (Aurora, Denver, Fort Collins and Westminster), expansion plans will initially tackle other parts of the region, as well as in neighboring states such as Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. According to founder and CEO Joe Kim, the company plans to open up to 5-10 new restaurants by the end of 2022 and at least as many each year thereafter.

The expansion of the franchise is ultimately aimed at becoming national.

The announcement of the expansion comes at a time when Korean food continues to gain popularity with American consumers. With a complexity of different flavors and cuisine largely comprised of protein, vegetables, grains and assorted spices, Korean food is a great choice for the health-conscious, clean-eating consumer. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“Franchising has always been our long-term goal,” says Kim, noting that Dae Gee has already established itself as one of Colorado’s fastest growing Korean barbecue chains. “The community support and encouragement we have received over the years has prepared us just for this. We are obsessed with delivering the most dynamic food available and eager to share our exceptional dining experience with other communities, cities and states. ”

For much of her twenties, Kim worked in the family dry cleaning business until her stepmother, who previously owned a Korean restaurant in Hawaii for many years, approached her with the idea. to open a Korean barbecue restaurant in the Denver area. . They opened the very first Dae Gee restaurant in the Denver suburb of Westminster in 2012 and have since captivated large audiences with Kim’s own brand of youthful energy and her stepmother’s homemade recipes.

Today, Dae Gee has firmly established itself as a modern full-service Korean barbecue place, gradually blending Korean culinary tradition with American culture.

“Dae Gee, which means pig in Korean, talks about digging or digging,” Kim explains. “Do everything to the maximum whether it’s a crazy red mohawk [like the one Kim sports] or have a trendy look to push the boundaries of how things are done.

Restaurants expose patrons to an interactive experience that allows them to cook their own meat on grills at their tables while dining. Traditional Korean meats like Galbee (prime rib), Sam Gyeob Sal (sliced ​​pork belly) and Dak Bulgogi (chicken) are marinated in Dae Gee’s secret marinade and can be enjoyed in a bowl or pot. hot stone, or hidden in lettuce and eaten as a wrap. Fish and vegetarian dishes are also available. The entrees can be stacked with anything you want to mix: rice, coleslaw, spicy sauce, and a variety of nine side dishes, such as kimchee, broccoli, radishes and patties. fish.

“Dae Gee illuminates your senses and enriches the full human experience,” adds Kim. “Generations of recipes passed down, we leave our customers well fed on Korean culture, humor and premium homemade recipe-style cuisine.”

To increase the growth of the business, Dae Gee is looking for franchise partners who are looking to enter the ground floor of an emerging brand in the increasingly popular Korean cooking industry. Including a franchise fee of $ 45,000, the total investment to open a 1,500 to 2,000 square foot Dae Gee restaurant ranges from $ 679,375 to $ 954,125. On average, each restaurant employs up to 10 people.

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