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Because the current Drought conditions in the southwest are worse than any spring in the past 21 years, utah state faces potentially devastating situation forest fire season. Ultimately, this situation is a harbinger of our future as mega-lice due to climate change.

It’s easy to blame the fossil fuel companies that suppressed and distorted the science of climate change for decades while pushing against regulation, but it keeps the rest of us off the hook. You and I have done our part to get ourselves into this mess, and we have a responsibility to try to get out of it.

On a personal level, I cannot blame the fossil fuel companies for my own addiction to internal combustion and jet engines. The one thing that scares me the most is what climate change is doing for my children’s future, but my carbon footprint is still bigger than it should be. I like to travel, but electric cars are impractical for distances beyond a few hundred kilometers. Also, we don’t have solar panels on our house as that would require removing two large shade trees.

I have to admit that I am guilty of asking myself what good is a zero carbon footprint if the majority of people are not concerned about the climate crisis. On the one issue that matters most to me, I’m guilty of contributing to what Garret Hardin called The tragedy of the communes.

Despite all of this – or maybe because of it – I am eager to find opportunities to make a difference. This is why I am happy to participate in the effort to restart the Clean The Darn Air citizen voting measure. We tried to put a measure on the 2020 poll to impose a modest tax on fossil fuels, with the proceeds spent on reducing local air pollution, promoting rural economic development and eliminating the tax. sales on food. Our grassroots efforts did not meet the signing goal we needed, but with the end of the pandemic in sight (hopefully!), We are preparing to try again.

We believe our proposal is a smart and user-friendly way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and move our state’s economy in a sustainable direction. If you agree (or have a better idea!), Join us at DarnAir.org and help the State of Utah provide leadership nationally and internationally. This is an opportunity for each of us to make a difference.

David Carrier, Salt Lake City

Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Utah and co-founder of the Utah Citizens’ Counsel.

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BioUtah statement on drug pricing legislation from Democratic House leaders https://utahbbq.org/bioutah-statement-on-drug-pricing-legislation-from-democratic-house-leaders/ Fri, 23 Apr 2021 02:01:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/bioutah-statement-on-drug-pricing-legislation-from-democratic-house-leaders/

SALT LAKE CITY – (BUSINESS WIRE) –BioUtah Chief Executive Officer Kelvyn Cullimore issued the following statement after Democratic House leaders released their drug pricing proposal, HR 3, Elijah E. Cummings Drugs Cost Cutting Now Act, based on similar legislation introduced in the 116th Congress.

“Utah has a long and proud history of innovation, with one of the fastest growing life sciences sectors in the country. The state’s pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies account for more than 7,000 jobs in Utah and $ 1.1 billion in direct GDP. The House Democratic plan, HR 3, would effectively deter and even penalize those companies that push the boundaries of science and research to provide life-changing treatments for patients.

“We are particularly concerned that the Bill’s sweeping government pricing measures, including international price indexation, would hamper innovation and have a chilling effect on investment in drug discovery – strikingly. particularly hard on our emerging biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. It is estimated that HR 3 could have a trillion dollar impact on the pharmaceutical industry over ten years. The Congressional Budget Office says this would lead to lower spending on research and development and thereby reduce the introduction of new drugs.

“We urge Congress to consider other, more effective, market-oriented solutions that directly reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses and put patient access and care at the forefront.”

About BioUtah

BioUtah is an independent 501 (c) (6) trade association serving the Utah life science industry. Its member companies reflect a broad spectrum of the industry with strengths in medical device manufacturing and services, research and testing, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and advanced diagnostics, and information and technology technologies. health, among others; and are a key driver of Utah’s economy. BioHive led by BioUtah, is an industry initiative, working with key public partners, to showcase the crucial innovations and contributions of the industry collective that is boosting our state’s economy and helping patients around the world.

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Utah faces Los Angeles in 3-game skidding https://utahbbq.org/utah-faces-los-angeles-in-3-game-skidding/ Sun, 18 Apr 2021 23:15:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/utah-faces-los-angeles-in-3-game-skidding/

Utah Jazz (42-15, first in Western Conference) vs Los Angeles Lakers (35-22, fifth in Western Conference)

Los Angeles; Monday, 10 p.m. EDT

BOTTOM LINE: Utah hit the road against Los Angeles to break their three-game losing streak on the road.

The Lakers are 21-11 in conference. Los Angeles averages 15.6 turnovers per game and is 17-6 when it has fewer turnovers than its opponents.

The Jazz are 19-9 against their opponents in the Western Conference. Utah is 19-10 against opponents over .500.

The teams face off for the second game in a row.

BEST PERFORMERS: Kyle Kuzma is second to the Lakers with an average of 2.0 to 3 points and scores 12.8 points per game while shooting 35% from beyond the arc. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has averaged 2.6 3-pointers and 12.6 points in the last 10 games with Los Angeles.

Rudy Gobert shot 67% and is averaging 14.4 points for the Jazz. Joe Ingles is shooting 45.7% and averaging 11.6 points in the last 10 games for Utah.

LAST 10 GAMES: Lakers: 5-5, averaging 107.5 points, 42.6 rebounds, 24.9 assists, 9.1 steals and 4.7 blocks per game while shooting 45.4% of the ground. Their opponents average 106.2 points on 46.3% shooting.

Jazz: 6-4, averaging 117.7 points, 48.3 rebounds, 22.5 assists, six steals and 4.9 blocks per game while shooting 46.0 percent from the field. Their opponents average 109.9 points on 44.4% shooting.

INJURIES: Lakers: LeBron James: out (ankle), Jared Dudley: out (knee), Anthony Davis: out (achilles).

Jazz: Donovan Mitchell: exterior (ankle), Udoka Azubuike: exterior (ankle).




The Associated Press created this story using technology provided by Data Skrive and data from Sportradar.


Conversations are the opinions of our readers and are subject to the Code of conduct. The Star disagrees with these views.

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Data shows high retention of teachers in Utah despite pandemic https://utahbbq.org/data-shows-high-retention-of-teachers-in-utah-despite-pandemic/ Sun, 18 Apr 2021 16:00:07 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/data-shows-high-retention-of-teachers-in-utah-despite-pandemic/

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Despite fears that the pandemic will push away many teachers and worsen a long-term teacher shortage in the state, more Utah teachers have remained in their jobs this year than over the past five years, according to data from the Utah State Board of Education.

Malia Hite, educator licensing coordinator at USBE, told KUER-FM that the retention rate between 2019-20 school years and current school years was 93%, compared to 90-91% in previous years.

“It’s important,” Hite said. “The theory that everyone leaves is actually not supported by data at all.”

Teachers left the profession during the pandemic. A February USBE survey of public school districts found that more than 1,000 teachers retired in the 2019-2020 school year and nearly 2,400 resigned, although these numbers are comparable to those years and that it is not known how many of them are directly linked to the pandemic.

Still, many teachers have at least considered leaving in the past year or so to accommodate online learning, the increased online and in-person teaching workload, and concerns about the contraction. COVID-19 in the classroom have added more stress than ever. Some districts were also more affected than others, so the aggregate data does not take into account the large variations between schools.

As the economy recovers, some experts predict that more resignations could still occur. Hite said education is often tied to how the economy is doing, which could explain the higher retention rate this year. When times are tough, she says, more people look to start or stay in teaching because it is stable work with great benefits.

In contrast, when the economy is doing well, people often opt for other opportunities that pay more.

However, Heidi Matthews, president of the Utah Education Association, is not convinced that teachers in Utah are staying in their roles as much as the data suggests.

She said she personally knew several teachers who are leaving the district where she was teaching, and others who have moved on to part-time teaching to manage other things in their lives. She also fears that more resignations will occur if teachers do not receive more support.

According to Matthews, low wages are a starting factor, but it is not the main factor. Workload and stress – which lead to lower job satisfaction – contribute more.

“Teaching is really fun, especially when you care about your subject, you have the opportunity to communicate with the kids,” she said. “But what I hear from so many of our educators is that that joy and energy that is so much a part of who they are has not been present in the pandemic.”

With the arrival of federal funding and the end of the pandemic, she hopes schools can use the summer to bring some of the joy back to teaching. She said teachers should have more voice in decisions that affect their schools – which she said have often been left out over the past year – and more autonomy in their classrooms.

If that can happen, she said more teachers would regain their passion for the job and be more likely to stay.

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US, China agree to urgently cooperate on climate crisis https://utahbbq.org/us-china-agree-to-urgently-cooperate-on-climate-crisis/ Sun, 18 Apr 2021 12:54:09 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/us-china-agree-to-urgently-cooperate-on-climate-crisis/

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – The United States and China, the world’s two biggest carbon polluters, agreed to cooperate to tackle climate change urgently, just days before President Joe Biden is hosting a virtual summit of world leaders to discuss the issue.

The deal was struck by US special climate envoy John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua during two days of talks in Shanghai last week, according to a joint statement.

The two countries “are committed to cooperate with each other and with other countries to deal with the climate crisis, which must be approached with the seriousness and urgency it demands,” the statement said.

China is the world’s largest carbon emitter, followed by the United States. The two countries pump out nearly half of the fossil fuel fumes that heat the planet’s atmosphere. Their cooperation is key to the success of global climate change efforts, but China’s frayed human rights, trade and land claims ties to Taiwan and the South China Sea have threatened to undermine these efforts.

In a meeting with reporters in Seoul on Sunday, Kerry said the wording of the statement was “strong” and the two countries agreed on “critical elements on where we need to go”. But the former secretary of state said: “I’ve learned in diplomacy that you don’t put your back on words, you put actions. We all need to see what’s going on.”

Noting that China is the world’s largest user of coal, Kerry said he and Chinese officials have had many discussions on how to accelerate a global energy transition. “I have never hesitated to express our view shared by many, many people that it is imperative to reduce coal everywhere,” he said.

Biden invited 40 world leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, to the April 22-23 summit. The United States and other countries are expected to announce more ambitious national carbon emission reduction targets before or at the meeting, while pledging financial support for less wealthy countries’ climate efforts.

It is unclear to what extent Kerry’s visit to China would promote U.S.-China cooperation on climate issues.

While Kerry was still in Shanghai, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng signaled on Friday that China is unlikely to make any new commitments at next week’s summit.

“For a large country of 1.4 billion people, these goals are not easy to achieve,” Le said in an interview with The Associated Press in Beijing. “Some countries are asking China to meet the targets sooner. I am afraid that is not very realistic.”

In a video meeting with German and French leaders on Friday, Xi said climate change “should not become a geopolitical chip, a target to attack other countries, or an excuse for trade barriers,” he said. reported the official Xinhua news agency.

As to whether Xi will join the summit, Le said that “the Chinese side is actively studying the matter.”

The joint statement said the two countries are “eagerly awaiting” next week’s summit. Kerry said on Sunday that “we really hope (Xi) participates” at the summit, but it is up to China to make that decision.

Biden, who has said tackling global warming is one of his highest priorities, had the United States accede to the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement in the early hours of his presidency, overturning the withdrawal American ordered by his predecessor Donald Trump.

The main emitters of greenhouse gases are gearing up for the next UN climate summit to be held in Glasgow, UK, in November. The summit aims to revive global efforts to keep rising global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), as agreed in the Paris agreement.

According to the US-China statement, the two countries would strengthen “their respective actions and cooperate in multilateral processes, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.”

He said the two countries also intend to develop their respective long-term strategies ahead of the Glasgow conference and take “appropriate steps to maximize international investment and funding for” energy transition in the countries. in development.

Xi announced last year that China will be carbon neutral by 2060 and plans to peak its emissions by 2030. In March, the Communist Party of China pledged to cut emissions by 18%. carbon per unit of economic output over the next five years, in line with its target for the previous five-year period. But environmentalists say China needs to do more.

Biden has pledged that the United States will transition to an emission-free electricity sector within 14 years, and have a completely emission-free economy by 2050. Kerry is also pushing other nations to pledge neutrality. carbon by then.

Copyright 2021 NPR. To learn more, visit https://www.npr.org.

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Amazon will occupy a warehouse under construction in Marriott-Slaterville, employing “hundreds” | Business https://utahbbq.org/amazon-will-occupy-a-warehouse-under-construction-in-marriott-slaterville-employing-hundreds-business/ Sat, 17 Apr 2021 11:31:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/amazon-will-occupy-a-warehouse-under-construction-in-marriott-slaterville-employing-hundreds-business/

MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE – Amazon will occupy the new warehouse that is taking shape at Marriott-Slaterville, using it as a last mile delivery center for Weber County residents receiving merchandise through the online retailer.

Work is underway at the site at the northeast corner of 400 North and Interstate 15, and officials have announced that a warehouse will be arriving. But the developer, Gardner Batt of Salt Lake City, has not publicly named the company that will occupy it due to a nondisclosure agreement.

Amazon officials, however, confirmed on Thursday that the online retail giant will occupy the building, measuring around 180,000 square feet, using it as the last stop for merchandise destined for customers in the Weber County area. . “The new facility will generate hundreds of full and part-time jobs and is expected to open early next year,” said Anne Laughlin Carpita, spokesperson for Amazon.

In addition to the employees who sort and process packages inside the Marriott-Slaterville delivery center, the company will be hiring “hundreds” more to handle actual deliveries to consumers. Deliveries to customers are typically handled by drivers and delivery companies contracted with Amazon delivery service partners.

Bill Morris, the lawyer for the city of Marriott-Slaterville, welcomed the news that the installation and the jobs will arrive. He hopes that new workers, when they are recruited, will be treated with respect, that the jobs will provide good opportunities for those who hire them. City officials, however, are also aware of the potential impact the facility will have on traffic in the area on 400 North and on the already sometimes congested I-15 ramps. “We’re going to watch the traffic,” Morris said.

Traffic congestion became a concern for residents during two public meetings over the warehouse plans last October, when the development proposal went public although Amazon has yet to be publicly identified as the occupant. A traffic consultant for Gardner Batt said last October that around 1,000 delivery vans would enter and exit the site each day, with around 500 employees. 50 other semi-trailers are also expected each day.

Representatives for Gardner Batt say the traffic studies they’ve conducted indicate that the flow of vehicles to and from the new warehouse is not expected to create new problems. Morris understands that delivery van traffic will be staggered and will be dispatched during non-peak traffic hours to minimize traffic problems. The building will operate around the clock, according to the minutes of a Marriott-Slaterville Planning Commission meeting on October 20, 2020 on the plans.

Gardner Batt will own the new warehouse when completed and lease it to Amazon. Indeed, Marriott-Slaterville officials dealt only with Gardner Batt representatives as the planning process unfolded and did not have any relationship with Amazon representatives, although they would welcome such contacts, Morris said.

News of Amazon’s impending move to Marriott-Slaterville comes as the Seattle, Wash.-Based retail giant expands its presence in Utah and beyond. According to company representatives, Amazon operates distribution centers in western Jordan and Salt Lake City, where goods for customers are packaged. It operates a parcel sorting center in Salt Lake City and three delivery stations in the state, transshipment points for parcels destined for customers. Three new delivery stations in Utah are under construction, including the Marriott-Slaterville facility.

“In addition to the more than 8,000 direct jobs Amazon has created in the state, Amazon has helped create thousands of indirect jobs and has invested more than $ 1 billion in Utah since 2010, including included in infrastructure and compensation, ”said Laughlin Carpita. The company has 950,000 employees based in the United States.

Amazon has come under increased scrutiny as it has grown, has hired more and more workers, and has become a retail powerhouse. More recently, it has received intense media attention due to a union vote among workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama. Workers ultimately voted against unionization by a margin of two to one.

Amazon’s outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos spoke of Alabama’s control and unionization effort in a letter to shareholders released Thursday.

“Although the results of the vote were uneven and our direct relationship with employees is strong, it is clear to me that we need a better view of how we create value for employees,” said wrote Bezos in the letter, according to Reuters. “I think we need to do a better job for our employees.”

“Amazon’s growth continues to fuel the creation of quality jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of Utahns,” Hemmert said. “The company’s focus on supporting employees, customers and positive impact communities contributes to the Utah economy and the quality of life for the Utahns.”

The Marriott-Slaterville warehouse, which takes shape on an undeveloped 54-acre parcel, will be away from homes, adjoining I-15 to the west and Toad’s entertainment area around its southeastern outskirts. Kip Van Dyke, the golf pro at Toad’s Fun Zone Golf Course, expressed hope that the presence of the new facility would bring customers to the business.

The new facility will be about one-fifth the size of the 1 million square foot Associated Food Stores warehouse complex in Farr West, Morris said. The town of Marriott-Slaterville did not provide any tax incentives to help build the warehouse. But the city has reduced the impact fee that Gardner Batt will have to pay from about $ 1.2 million to $ 700,000 as the developer builds an access road there.

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Opinion: The good and bad news about Utah’s infrastructure https://utahbbq.org/opinion-the-good-and-bad-news-about-utahs-infrastructure/ Sat, 17 Apr 2021 04:00:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/opinion-the-good-and-bad-news-about-utahs-infrastructure/

The next time you’re driving on 300 West in Salt Lake City and risk causing a three-car crowd by swerving to avoid a pothole, take heart to the good news. Utah (tied with Georgia) received the country’s highest rating for its infrastructure.

The bad news is, it’s a C +.

The bulletins come from the White House Monday as part of his effort to sell President Joe Biden’s US Jobs Plan, a $ 2.3 trillion proposal to update the country’s infrastructure. In concept, that’s what Republicans and Democrats have been clamoring for for two decades. Fixing streets, building bridges, improving waterways – these are non-partisan practicalities that members of Congress would be eager to hand over to their constituents.

In practice, it is not that simple. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has sworn he would oppose Biden’s plan “every step of the way.” The Republicans’ main concern is the price, which Biden plans to offset through tax hikes.

“This is called infrastructure”, McConnell told reporters“But inside the Trojan horse, there will be more borrowed money and massive tax increases on all productive parts of our economy.”

And then there is the question of how we define “infrastructure”. Biden takes a more imaginative approach in his plan, which includes payments for typical assets like roads and bridges, but also pays to bolster healthcare, provide jobs for caregivers, and build affordable housing.

Is this the right plan for America? I’ve spent the last few days talking to economists about Biden’s proposal and cut out three key tenets: 1) Let federalism work, 2) Markets can’t do it alone, and 3) Updating infrastructure should mean updating policy.

First, Biden wants to spend big. But as Richard Geddes, professor and infrastructure expert at Cornell University, points out, most of America’s infrastructure is owned by states and local governments. Should Washington lead the way a city improves its roads? How will the funds be disbursed from the federal government to the states? Without clear guardrails, Washington will do what it tends to do: crush local control.

Second, we must recognize that the federal government has a role to play. The interstate road network was not built by competing private companies; there was a need for a certain continuity that the government could provide. Biden is correct in assuming that the government has an interest in creating and updating physical civilian assets, although it appears that leaving the markets to decide how to allocate child care or green energy jobs would be more. effective.

Third, the United States is not the same country it was a century ago. We don’t need a whole new power grid, Geddes said. What we need is to update the policies that maintain the infrastructure we already have. Cities seek bids for a new bridge, take the cheapest contract, and then what? We have massive deferred maintenance, says Geddes, and we need to have discussions on licensing and purchasing reform, maintenance contracts and other political aspects. Without updating the policy, Biden’s plan could lead to the same place we are today: crumbling dams and dilapidated buildings.

What does Biden’s plan mean for Utah? The White House says Beehive State suffers from slow public transportation, as 2,064 miles of highways are in poor condition and Utah’s drinking water systems will need an additional $ 4.4 billion over the next 20 years.

It is very good. The state is growing faster than a colony of rabbits, and it will need serious investment to keep pace with immigration.

But what about child care? The White House says 77% of Utahns live in a child care desert, suggesting the need to invest in schools and “early learning centers.” This may or may not explain the fact that Utah has the youngest population in the country, and it assumes that parents would rather place children in institutional daycare rather than make other arrangements. And what about housing? It is true that Utah is facing a housing shortage, but it is also No. 1 in the country for new home construction. It would seem difficult to increase supply substantially without also reducing demand.

The point is that there are many forces at work. Markets should do their job in areas where they can be most efficient, and cities and the state should be responsible for updating their own infrastructure. Clearly our structures need help, but Utahns should question whether Washington’s approach is right for the state.

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Salt Lake economy firing on all pistons https://utahbbq.org/salt-lake-economy-firing-on-all-pistons/ Fri, 16 Apr 2021 23:20:55 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/salt-lake-economy-firing-on-all-pistons/

SALT LAKE CITY – Again, when it comes to the strong muscles of its economy, Salt Lake City exceeds its weight compared to other American cities.

Salt Lake Chamber President and CEO Derek Miller joined Inside Sources host Boyd Matheson on Friday to break down a new Wall Street Journal poll showing the Salt Lake City area with the best job market in the world. countries in 2020.

The WSJ article published on April 9 reads:

“Salt Lake City has top-notch ski resorts, challenging biking trails, and stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. It is also home to the hottest job market in the United States.

As the pandemic raged in the United States in 2020, no metropolitan area in the country increased the size of its workforce more in percentage terms than the capital of Utah. It also had the lowest average unemployment rate and the highest proportion of people working or looking for work. These signs of strength have helped it rank first among 53 major metropolitan areas in an annual review of US labor markets conducted by the Wall Street Journal, after ranking No.4 in 2019.

Hardworking Utahns make the economy strong

“Why are we attracting so much talent, so much investment, especially since we have been through the pandemic?” Matheson asked. “What is really driving these things?”

“In some ways, it is the pandemic itself that has caused […] Utah to keep climbing to the top, ”Miller said. “We always say the cream rises to the top, and that happens when we have challenges, and certainly this past year has been just that, not just on the health side, but on the economics side.”

Miller cited five factors that drove Utah’s economic climate to excellence:

  • Stable tax rates,
  • predictable regulation,
  • talented workforce
  • colleges, universities and applied technology
  • and people who work hard

Boyd added that Salt Lake City has a new airport and a developing inland port to help the economy become more successful.

Keep going up and up

“I want to ask you questions about some of the people who may have found themselves at the lower rungs of the economic ladder or those who had to move to lower paying jobs during the pandemic,” Matheson said. “How does the opportunity and scale-up work for them?”

“Upward mobility is another area where we’re the best in the country, which is why so many people want to move here for opportunities,” Miller said. “You have a better chance of climbing the economic ladder in Utah than anywhere else in the country. We have to make sure that this continues or else we will see some of the divisions manifesting on our doorstep that we are seeing in other parts of the country.

The next one is now: what’s next for our economy?

“I want to know what you’re looking for next,” Matheson said. “When are we maybe not paying enough attention and where we really should start focusing?”

Miller said he expects Utah to continue receiving federal money as $ 2 trillion from President Joe Biden infrastructure bill makes its way through Congress.

“Utah is in a very good position because we haven’t had to fill a tax revenue gap,” Miller said. “In fact, in some areas, like retail sales tax, we’ve had a banner year that puts Utah in a very good position to invest some of that. [federal] money in areas that will keep our quality of life strong in the future. “

Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson, who is also the opinion editor of Deseret News, can be heard weekdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on KSL NewsRadio. Users can find the show on the KSL NewsRadio website and app.

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Dwyane Wade Joins Utah Jazz Ownership Group https://utahbbq.org/dwyane-wade-joins-utah-jazz-ownership-group/ Fri, 16 Apr 2021 22:30:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/dwyane-wade-joins-utah-jazz-ownership-group/

SALT LAKE CITY – Dwyane Wade is an NBA owner.

The Utah Jazz announced on Friday that the 13-time NBA all-star will join the youngest group of owners in the league.

The group is led by tech entrepreneur Ryan Smith, who, along with his wife, Ashley, acquired a controlling stake in Jazz at the end of 2020.

Wade and Smith have known each other for several years and have discussed working together in various capacities.

“Dwyane is not only a basketball legend, he is also a great leader, businessman and human being,” Smith said in a statement. “As we continue to build on the incredible legacy of the Utah Jazz franchise, we are excited to add Dwyane’s experience and expertise to the equation. Utah is an amazing place and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of the franchise and the future of this state. Dwyane’s influence will be important to both.

Wade played 16 NBA seasons with Miami, Chicago and Cleveland before retiring after the 2018-19 season. He won three NBA titles and saw his No.3 jersey withdrawn by the Heat last month.

“The partnership with Ryan and the Utah Jazz is the perfect solution because we share the same vision and the same values,” said Wade. “Not only is this group focused on building a championship franchise, they are also committed to using their platform to do good and actively create a more inclusive and fair world. We share a lot of the same goals and try to go to the same places in life. “

Wade has spoken of owning the NBA in the later seasons of his career and said in 2019 that he wanted to discuss the potential of joining the Heat leadership group. The parties chatted later that year, without a deal, and it is unclear whether conversations resumed.

“I want to congratulate Dwyane on his recent announcement,” Heat managing general partner Micky Arison said on Friday. “We had discussed having him join our property group after he retired, but he was not ready to commit at the time. Of course, I’m disappointed he didn’t reconsider.

“Having said that, I wish him good luck and a lot of success with Jazz. For me, Dwyane will always be a heat driver.


More AP NBA: https://apnews.com/hub/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports




Conversations are the opinions of our readers and are subject to the Code of conduct. The Star disagrees with these views.

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Washington Co. School District Joins Campaign to Prevent Suicide in Utah https://utahbbq.org/washington-co-school-district-joins-campaign-to-prevent-suicide-in-utah/ Fri, 16 Apr 2021 22:26:48 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/washington-co-school-district-joins-campaign-to-prevent-suicide-in-utah/

WASATCH, Utah (ABC4) – This month, the Wasatch County School District is partnering with Live On in hopes of raising awareness about suicide prevention.

To further advocate, the district will host various events that will be available to the entire Utah community.

Research shows that the potential mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are profound, particularly as the pandemic spreads and has long-term effects on the general population, the economy, and the vulnerable.

Almost half of adults in the United States report poorer mental health since the start of the pandemic. This pandemic is associated with uncertainty and unpredictability, social isolation, economic vulnerability and other stressors that are also risk factors for suicide and accidental overdose.

“COVID-19 will cause distress and leave many people vulnerable to behavioral health issues,” says Mikelle More, senior vice president of Intermountain Healthcare and responsible for community health. “These consequences are likely to last longer and peak later than the actual pandemic.”

In September 2020, it was announced that the state of Utah, working with public and private partners, was developing a suicide prevention campaign. The “Live On” campaign was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to start reaching those in need.

On April 15, schools and communities come together to move the campaign forward.

“WCSD is participating in Live On, a statewide effort to prevent suicide by promoting education, providing resources and changing our culture around suicide and mental health,” writes the Wasatch County School District.

Events planned by the district range from mental health first aid to presentations, film screenings, signs and meal discounts.

For those who wish to participate in the events, the district has listed them below.

Live of is a three-year, $ 2 million public-private campaign to increase protective social standards for mental health and suicide prevention. The website is liveonutah.org and gives people the resources to find help while giving them the opportunity to talk to other people in difficulty and have those difficult but essential conversations.

The organization calls itself a ‘mantra of hope’ and is a statewide effort to prevent suicide by promoting education, providing resources and changing the culture around suicide. and mental health.

“Together we can move on, reach out, lift up, look ahead and live with it,” writes WCSD.

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