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David Grant Hawkins
September 24, 1952 – June 9, 2020
Resident of Fremont, CA
Last summer, the East Bay lost one of its good guys. David Grant Hawkins was born September 24, 1952 in Oakland, California, the first son of 6 children born to the late Grant and Marjorie Hawkins. In this large and loving family, he was brought up with good family values ​​which served him well throughout his life.
Dave and his siblings had fun growing up in East Oakland on 55th Avenue, they and their friends played on the MacArthur Freeway when it was under construction, crawled through the tunnels under Mills College, and collected treasure in landfills. Dave loved tools as a child and built all kinds of things from a young age.
Dave started high school at Fremont High in Oakland before his family moved to the Skyline High School attendance zone. Always athletic, Dave was on Skyline’s gymnastics team and was able to perform acrobatic jumps until his early forties. After graduating from Skyline in 1970, he attended Laney College before enrolling at BYU where he studied architecture and played on the school’s volleyball team. Although he didn’t graduate from college, he always made sure his own kids would. He had a drawing board to draw his own building plans and to sketch out his own creative ideas of which he had a lot.
In 1974, Dave’s future wife, Carol, was living in the Montclair district of Oakland with her parents. While they were on vacation, she accidentally crashed their car into the garage wall. Carol’s sister-in-law suggested that she call her friend’s brother Dave – a “really nice young man with an entrepreneur’s license.” Dave got out right away and the damage was fixed before Carol’s parents got home. Her parents approved, Work and Dave!
Carol and Dave started dating and getting married very little in 1975 on Treasure Island thanks to Carol’s father who was a retired naval officer. They moved into the Fremont cottage in Irvington that Dave bought when he was 21. They enjoyed their pre-kid years going to restaurants and rock concerts, like Day on the Green for Joe Walsh and more, the Keystone in Berkeley for Elvin Bishop, the Longbranch in Berkeley for hits and Winterland for Bruce Springsteen. . They visited Universal Studios and the new Magic Mountain, and took their dog Benji with them camping at Kings Canyon.
In 1977, they bought a repairman-superior in the Warm Springs neighborhood of Fremont. Like many contractors, prioritizing building his own house kind of took over, and he jokingly called his house the Winchester Mystery House because he was never done building it and would come up with some unique design features along the way!
Dave was busy with his construction business, doing residential and commercial construction throughout the Bay Area. Many of his projects can be seen today, such as the ADA Ramp on Patterson House at Ardenwood Historic Farm, numerous Pizza Hut restaurants, Deli Zorba cafes, supercuts, Martin’s cosmetics stores and Subway Sandwiches, residential bedroom additions and many more. He easily befriends people from all walks of life and often becomes friends with his clients.
In 1982, her daughter Kristin was born, and in 1983 came another daughter Lauren. Dave was a fun and involved father, coaching softball teams and attending soccer games, swimming and track competitions, and group concerts. Even after breaking both feet in a workplace accident and using a wheelchair, he helped Kristin practice the softball throw in the streets. In addition, while injured, he built a wheelchair ramp in his house so that he could get to his office one step lower.
Dave was very lucky winning raffles and concert tickets. He notably won vacations to Manzanillo, Mexico and VIP tickets to a dinner with a concert by Bruce Hornsby and Range plus a limousine. Dave enjoyed attending the Oakland A games with his family and with his brothers and their families. He used any excuse to drive to Oakland to go to Fenton for ice cream or to Hayward or San Leandro for Old South Barbeque. In recent years he enjoyed going to dinner and attending concerts at Yoshi’s with our good friends and neighbors.
Dave has been a general building contractor since 1974 and has experienced all the ups and downs that come with owning his own business. He was confident though, which helped him move forward with his demanding job. And he’s always taken us on fabulous vacations to Hawaii, Disneyland, Disney World, camping in Yosemite, New York, skiing and snowboarding, Mexico and more.
Dave was a foodie and knew all the great places and the best food trucks. Music was also one of his passions. If his radio wasn’t on, he was probably watching the A’s, Raiders, 49ers (when the Raiders were in LA!) Or Warriors play, or watching reruns of Bonanza, The Twilight Zone, or Seinfeld. Dave has listened to everything from Alligator Records collections to Peter Gabriel to rock and soul. Some of his favorite bands were Tower of Power, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Huey Lewis and the News, The Allman Brothers and The Police, to name a few. He taught himself to play the harmonica and loved to play along with his favorite songs. He and a friend even opened a music store in Fremont in the 1990s called Tune Town.
Dave always made us laugh like when he and his family were at the Medieval Times bar in Southern California in 2005. When asked for his order he said “I’ll have a Newcastle. My old castle is falling apart. . ” Corny yes but we laughed and laughed! He’s always been a goofy guy. He might have a temper, but he was a funny guy nonetheless.
In the late 2000s, Dave started having trouble seeing and forgetting how to do things that were always second nature to him. Unfortunately, he would be diagnosed with posterior cortical atrophy, a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease. If he could, he would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported him and his family over the past few years. Dave passed away peacefully from illness in his home he built on June 9, 2020 at the age of 67.
Dave is survived by his wife Carol, his daughters Kristin and Lauren, his sons-in-law Dan and Josh, and his grandsons Jonathan, Asher, William and Elliott, as well as his sisters Jill and Bonnie in Utah, his brother Kent in Martinez, CA, and his brother Randy in Virginia. He was predeceased by his sister Laurie. Dave will be remembered as funny, talented, hardworking, generous, creative, honest and as a good father, husband, son, brother, neighbor and friend.

See the David Grant Hawkins online memorial

Posted in East Bay Times on April 18, 2021.

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Utah business owners grapple with staff shortage despite higher employment rate https://utahbbq.org/utah-business-owners-grapple-with-staff-shortage-despite-higher-employment-rate/ Wed, 14 Apr 2021 03:11:22 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/utah-business-owners-grapple-with-staff-shortage-despite-higher-employment-rate/

HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – In southern Utah, several service business owners tell ABC4 they’re struggling to keep up with the spring break crows and are experiencing a staff shortage. Yet officials from the state’s Department of Manpower Services say there has in fact been an increase in this sector of employment in Washington County.

Sol Jordan is a partial owner of Muddy Bees Bakery in Hurricane. She and her partners just announced that they will close every Wednesday due to a staff shortage.

“We want to run an efficient business, but to do that we also need to have employees,” says Jordan.

At Lonny Boy’s barbecue just down the street, co-owner Scott Allen said three of his employees quit this week. Now he has three times the work and exhausting hours left.

“100 hours a week, at least, 24/36 hour shifts, just to stay on top of everything, because of the lack of help and the increase in the number of people walking through the door,” says Allen.

In Virgin, near Zion National Park is Balcony One. Longtime restaurateur George Rodinos says recruiting and retaining staff in the area has always been a challenge, but it’s only gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic and the way it was handled, I think, has a lot to do with it. Too many people stay at home with their unemployment checks rather than working, ”says Rodinos.

According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Washington County has seen a 3% increase in the number of people accepting service and hospitality jobs. Officials say they are also seeing more people withdrawing from unemployment benefits.

“Except everyone has ‘HIRING’ signs. To me, that just doesn’t add up. There must be something else. I just don’t believe that, that’s an answer right there, ”Jordan says.

All of these restaurateurs say they even offer competitive compensation, but that doesn’t work either.

“Why do we have 10 people signing up and sending me their resumes, and none of them respond?” Jordan said.

These business owners say they just hope locals see the opportunity and knock on their doors.

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South Dakota is rich in fossil history https://utahbbq.org/south-dakota-is-rich-in-fossil-history/ Mon, 12 Apr 2021 17:56:41 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/south-dakota-is-rich-in-fossil-history/

Okay, maybe these aren’t real dinosaur claw marks in petrified wood, but that would be a good idea, right?

For those who are serious history buffs, some may know the famous T-Rex skeleton named Sue which was found here in South Dakota near the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation; which is the most complete Trex skeleton ever found (Wikipedia).

But did you know that T-Rex skeletons aren’t the only dinosaur or fossil remains South Dakota is known for?

According to ThoughtCo., South Dakota is one of the richest states in terms of “fossil records”.

“Although it does not have the number of fossils that these states can claim, (Texas, Utah and Wyoming) South Dakota has diversity on its side. This region rich in dinosaurs has produced the Dakotaraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Barosaurus and many other species, large and small, reptilians and mammals “- ThoughtCo.

Heck, if you head “over the river” to the west side of the state, there are remains of triceratops all over the prairies. Unfortunately, many of them are damaged enough or not complete enough to form a good enough skeleton for a museum display.

Plus, if you weren’t already familiar with South Dakota, then again, especially in the western part of the state, it’s notorious for having tons of this fossil lying around.

Did you know that petrified wood is considered a fossil?

What makes petrified wood a fossil? Well, over time after a piece of wood was buried, sediment-rich groundwater flowed through the surrounding wood and dirt which replaced the original wood with silica, calcite and pyrite; thus forming the end product that we see today.

Sources:Wikipedia, ThoughtCo, and Geology.com

Best BBQ joints in South Dakota

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Restaurants on the radar | idahofallsmagazine.com https://utahbbq.org/restaurants-on-the-radar-idahofallsmagazine-com/ Mon, 12 Apr 2021 15:11:47 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/restaurants-on-the-radar-idahofallsmagazine-com/

Idaho Falls is a hotspot for new and growing businesses, family and otherwise. Despite the calamity of the pandemic, our local businesses have always been supported by the community, and new places to dine have continued to appear. Here are some new and reopened establishments near you.

1. Cast on 17. This French cuisine restaurant opened at the end of 2020 to avid customers. While the restaurant may be new, the location has quite a history – the building was originally a home before it was transformed into a restaurant in the 1990s, more recently The Cellar. The menu features premium staples prepared daily as well as specials that rotate to keep the dining experience refreshing and new.

2. Cupbop. There is a new store in town where Soda Tsunami was located and serves Korean barbecue. The chain’s location in Idaho Falls marks the third Cupbop to open in Idaho to rave reviews. If you’ve never had Korean barbecue before, Cupbop encourages customers not to shy away from their Americanized recipes served in a paper cup.

3. Duck donuts. One of Hillcrest Plaza’s new tenants, this boutique serves made-to-order hot donuts with customizable toppings. Duck Donuts is a chain that started on the East Coast and slowly made its way across the states. This location, along with another in western Idaho, will be the first of a multitude to open its doors to residents of Idaho.

4. Barbecue fire and smoke. This food truck – or rather food trailer – has been serving up barbecues in Louisiana since it opened in July of last year. The menu includes classic barbecue dishes and sides, like pulled pork and macaroni and cheese, plus a new favorite: barbecue nachos. Owner Leaf Call built the trailer himself, including the wood stove that cooks the meat he serves.

5. Jersey Mike’s submarines. This chain has been in business since 1956 and is finally opening a location in eastern Idaho. Jersey Mike’s serves authentic sub-sandwiches made with fresh bread, quality produce, meats and cheeses, as well as a tangy vinegar and oil sauce.

6. Hawaiian style Mo ‘Bettahs. Opening in April, Mo ‘Bettahs is ready to serve Hawaiian food to the communities of Idaho Falls and Ammon. While the chain started out in Bountiful, Utah, the recipes are based on what the founders grew up eating in Oahu, Hawaii. From teriyaki steak to fried katsu chicken, Mo ‘Bettahs serves up good times and even better food.

7. Prepare. This meal service company is bringing something new to local residents: healthy ready meals that are refrigerated instead of frozen. The concept of Prepp’d came to fruition about a year ago, then the storefront opened in July 2020. Customers can subscribe to have meals delivered to their door or purchase the meal of the day at the branch. from Ammon for Prepp’d. See the related article in our February issue.

8. Super Chix. While Super Chix’s dining scene is laid back, it shouldn’t be confused with fast food. Super Chix takes pride in making every meal to order with fresh ingredients. The menu focuses on making chicken

No.1, but he doesn’t skimp on the sandwich options, sides or his famous ice cream.

Back to town

In addition to the exciting newcomers, we are delighted to welcome back a few old favorites:

Tsunami Soda. This iconic Idaho Falls favorite has reopened under new management and in a new location – a welcoming little cabin. Select a fan favorite drink or mix your own with their selection of syrups and more.

The bone store. After being closed for three years, this beloved restaurant has finally reopened with new management and a new name:

Steele-n-Jo bone. The menu includes classic barbecue dishes like burgers and hot dogs; come on an evening of entertainment to enjoy live music while you dine in this historic bar and grill.

Click here to read more about our March issue.

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National competitive eater comes to Twin Falls for the challenge https://utahbbq.org/national-competitive-eater-comes-to-twin-falls-for-the-challenge/ Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:57:18 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/national-competitive-eater-comes-to-twin-falls-for-the-challenge/

A nationally competitive eater and YouTube star will be heading to Twin Falls and taking on a food challenge at 2nd South Market on Friday April 9 and continuing her visit to Twin Falls until Saturday April 10.

Her name is Raina Huang and she will be going to the 2nd South Market on Friday April 9 from 9 am, she will participate in a pancake contest they call “Oh Crepe!”

Her challenge will last about half an hour and you can go see her eat a ton of pancakes if you want. After that, she plans to travel with another competitive food eater, Blaine Koenig, to Perrine Bridge, where he will jump BASE in tandem. She won’t jump, I can imagine it wouldn’t be fun after eating all those pancakes, I know I would lose my breakfast if I did.

Then, on Saturday April 10, Raina will once again be at the 2nd South Market for an event at Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria, CloverLeaf Creamery and Smokey Bone.

It is important to note that the public is allowed to come and watch all the events if they wish and to take some photos. Raina stops to do all of this after visiting parts of Utah, so she makes her way through the West Coast.

I’ve never seen a competitive eater before so I might have to go there and check it out. It sounds like a lot of fun.

KEEP READING: 3 Ingredient Recipes You Can Make Right Now

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Local and International Cuisine Make Utah Valley a Foodie’s Heaven: 8 Must-Do Options https://utahbbq.org/local-and-international-cuisine-make-utah-valley-a-foodies-heaven-8-must-do-options/ Mon, 05 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/local-and-international-cuisine-make-utah-valley-a-foodies-heaven-8-must-do-options/

With over 900 different restaurants, including 100 food trucks, Utah County is where you’ll find award-winning foods often made with locally sourced ingredients, Explores Utah Valley says.

Whatever your mood, whether it’s Indian food or fried chicken, Utah Valley has it. There are over 28 international food cultures represented, 10 American food cultures represented, and many more delicious dining experiences scattered along the Utah County borders.

From drive-thru soda shops or homemade ice cream to fine dining at Sundance Mountain Resort, you’ll have no problem finding a restaurant to satisfy your cravings, whatever your budget or occasion.

So whether you consider yourself a foodie or just in the mood for a tasty bite, here are eight favorite local restaurants in Utah County.

Black Sheep Cafe

Black Sheep Cafe, famous for its delicious Navajo cuisine, is not only one of the best restaurants in Utah County, it is one of the best restaurants in the state.

“This unique restaurant serves some of the best Native American cuisines in Utah,” wrote McKenna Hurd of Explore Utah Valley. “Try their Navajo tacos or burgers with a twist!”

Located in downtown Provo. The Black Sheep Cafe is worth a visit no matter where you are from.

Bam Bam BBQ

Barbecues are common these days, so to stand out you need to be exceptional in your meat and service. Bam Bam BBQ in Orem ticks all the boxes and more.

Smoked and cooked to perfection, Bam Bam’s meats are sure to be “the best money can buy,” says Bam Bam’s BBQ website. Pit owner and chef Cameron True loves his craft, and it shows in every deliciously juicy bite.

Local and International Cuisine Make Utah Valley a Foodie's Heaven: 8 Must-Do Options
Photo: Sundance Resort

Tree Room at Sundance

Offering a refined dining experience on one of the most beautiful settings you could dream of, it’s hard to beat the Tree room at Sundance Mountain Resort.

With a four star rating of Forbes Travel Guide, an award of excellence from Wine spectator, and a Best of State award, you know their popular dining options like Pepper Steak, Sirloin Steak, and Crab will all be some of the best around.

The Tree Room is a great choice for those celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a nice evening in the mountains.

Chom Burger

Chom Burger is a local favorite burger, offering high quality burgers, fries and shakes. There are many burger restaurants in the valley, but Chom Burger stands out for its unique variety and consistently excellent quality.

A five star review on Google said: “All I can say is that this is literally the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. I am obsessed the fries and sweet potato fries were delicious and the spectacular Oreo shake. 10/10 recommend… “

Located a few blocks from downtown Provo and Center Street, the centrally located burger place should definitely be at the top of your list.


If you’re looking for one of the most delicious, unique, and memorable meals you can have in Utah, Community is the place to go.

Specializing in farm-to-table experiences, Communal is synonymous with freshness, quality and flavor – and every penny is worth it.

Eating Communal food around a large table with your friends and family is unlike any other dining experience you have likely had in Utah. The portions come with enough food for at least two people, so you can and should have a few dishes to share!

With high ratings on Google and Yelp, this is one of those special restaurants that will already have you planning your next visit.

Seven brothers

Sharing Places In Hawaii And Utah, Seven brothers has put all his heart into making their burgers, salads and fish dishes among the best.

The founders of Seven Brothers want your experience to be more than just a meal. They want you to feel like family – and it shows. “We want everyone to not only find the best food, but also the best feeling possible,” said the owners. “A place where it’s not ‘just a meal, but a lifestyle’.

With a relaxed surfer atmosphere and friendly staff, Seven Brothers is a great alternative to your regular burger restaurant and will blow your mind with the quality of the entire menu. You will find locations in Saratoga Springs and Provo.


Simple, customizable, and delicious Mexican food is the name of the game at this small, family-run Lindon restaurant.

Oteo, and its bright, clean and friendly atmosphere, is a pleasant experience for those who want authentic Mexican cuisine. Savor a casual meal of artisanal dishes and ingredients served by friendly staff.

A five-star Google review said, “If you want an upscale Mexican restaurant with a creative and delicious menu, this is the place to go. Oteo is so delicious. The queso and tacos are probably my favorite, but this is the kind of place where you have to try everything on the menu. I will go many more times! “

The Foundry Grill

One of two excellent dining options at Sundance Mountain Resort, The Foundry Grill is breathtaking in its food and surroundings.

Not as formal as the dining experience at The Tree Room, The Foundry Grill is still high quality cuisine in incredible surroundings. Take the trip to the canyon, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you order their filet mignon or their bison burger!

Utah County is full of decadent dining options. Visit Explore Utah Valley today for more dining options and guides.

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The famous Dave’s express launch models https://utahbbq.org/the-famous-daves-express-launch-models/ Mon, 05 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/the-famous-daves-express-launch-models/

Famous Dave’s, a 134-unit barbecue concept owned by BBQ Holding’s, is bringing its “Quick ‘Que” online counter and service prototypes to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

The Las Vegas site – an online service model – will open in June at 4480 Paradise Road, a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. The Salt Lake City restaurant – a drive-thru counter model – will also open in June, but at 2435 South State St.

Both restaurant models have small footprints with the goal of a faster experience for customers and a more profitable business for operators, said Jeff Crivello, CEO of BBQ Holding, in a press release from the company. .

“The Quick ‘Que model is a huge leap forward for us,” he said. “One year after the arrival of COVID, we are proud to continue to find new ways to evolve and better serve both our customers and our franchisees. The Quick ‘Que model is a prime example of this effort. a more convenient experience for customers without compromising the quality of the food, but its construction should also prove to be more affordable and profitable for franchisees. We plan to open 5 new Famous Dave’s Quick ‘Que locations in 2021. “

Alejandro Orozco, who operates 10 Famous Dave’s, will own the Vegas unit, while franchise partners, Elaina Morris Herber and Paul Herber, who operate seven Famous Dave’s stores, will manage the Utah store.

“Both franchise groups are well equipped to succeed and bring these new restaurants to life,” said Crivello. “We are delighted that these partners present Quick ‘Que to Famous Dave fans in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.”

BBQ Holdings owns four brands with 145 physical locations in 31 states and three countries, including 47 company-owned restaurants and 98 franchise-operated restaurants. It also has seven Famous Dave’s ghost kitchens operating in its Granite City locations, as well as seven Famous Dave’s franchise ghost kitchens operating in the kitchen of another restaurant or shared kitchen space.

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Glenn Mendiola Obituary (1964-2021) – Roy, UT https://utahbbq.org/glenn-mendiola-obituary-1964-2021-roy-ut/ Fri, 02 Apr 2021 19:31:29 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/glenn-mendiola-obituary-1964-2021-roy-ut/ Glenn Aguon Mendiola was called home by Heavenly Father on March 24, 2021 at the age of 57.

He was born on March 12, 1964 in Tamuning, Guam to + Elias Cruz and + Rosa Aguon Mendiola.

Glenn was a man of many talents. In his own words, he was a “jack of all trades, master of nothing” when it came to doing anything from HVAC systems to cars to great food to lick your fingers. There was nothing he couldn’t understand.

Glenn has worked a variety of full time and side jobs. From working as a mechanic, to being a security guard, and finally on naval works in Guam to a boiler mechanic on the mainland.

After marrying the love of his life in Guam in 1993 and raising his two children and his adored goddaughter, he moved to Utah with his family in 2000 due to the closure of Naval PWC’s BRAC. , Guam and worked at Hill Air Force Base. until his death. Nonetheless, the job he loved the most was raising his children. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, going on adventures out of town, and gathering by the barbecue for parties. You might always find Glenn surrounded by his little nieces and nephews, outside, perfecting the court, riding his Harley, singing in the church choir, or joining the community of Guam to help keep Chamorro culture alive. with those who also moved to Utah.

He was also the kind of person who would go out of his way for others. Whether it’s helping the neighborhood kids learn to ride a bike or baking delicious treats for everyone. Even by his kindness, you could never tell when he was serious or when he was joking. He’s the kind of man he imprinted on everyone he met. Glenn, a devout Catholic, a devoted servant of God, had been through so many health issues. But with his faith and trust in God and with the support of his wife, children, family and friends, he had overcome all these obstacles. He always tells himself that he is going through all these health issues because God knows he is able to carry his cross until it is time for him to return home.

Glenn is survived by his wife Annie, 28, and their children: Christian Glenn, Victoria Anne and Angelica Y. and Michael Williamson (Madison). Her sisters / brothers (spouses): Mae A. and + Truman ‘Andy’ Anderson, CO; Juan A. and Remy F. Mendiola, NV; Pedro A. Mendiola and Cathy Murphy, GU; Julia M. and James Earles, HI; William “Bill” A. and Nancy R. Mendiola, AZ; Elizabeth A. Mendiola, NV; Robert A. and Tami Mendiola, GU, Ruth A. Mendiola, NV, and Rodney A. and Cristina F. Mendiola, CO. In-law William C. and + Teresita C. Mesa; In-laws: Nancy L. Mesa, Marlene J. Mesa, William C. Jr and Christine C. Mesa, and Andrew A. Mesa, all of Guam.

Glenn will be missed by many cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends and godchildren.

A Christian Burial Mass will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday April 10, 2021 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 4050 South 3900 West, West Haven. The family will reunite with friends Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with the rosary service starting at 7 p.m. at Lindquist’s Roy Mortuary, 3333 West 5600 South.

Memories and condolences can be sent to the family at www.lindquistmortuary.com

Posted by Lindquist Mortuary – Roy from April 2 to April 3, 2021.

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Utah gets two new state parks, including one named for Utahraptor https://utahbbq.org/utah-gets-two-new-state-parks-including-one-named-for-utahraptor/ Thu, 01 Apr 2021 20:35:38 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/utah-gets-two-new-state-parks-including-one-named-for-utahraptor/

Over 40 states of Utah parks, from Antelope Island to Goblin Valley, bear witness to the region’s fascinating and diverse landscapes. Now like Travel + Leisure reports, the state adds two more: Utahraptor State Park and Lost Creek State Park.

the bill, signed into law by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox in mid-March, not only made the official designation official – it also allocated $ 36.5 million for park renovations and development. Both places are already very popular places. Lost Creek State Park will be located around the Lost Creek Reservoir, where people love fish for rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. And Utahraptor State Park, near Moab in eastern Utah, is frequented by hikers and campers.

Utahraptor State Park in particular could benefit from its newly acquired state park status (and funds). The area includes the Dalton Wells Quarry, where the earliest fossils of an unknown velociraptor-like dinosaur were earthen in 1975. The creature was not named until the early 1990s, when paleontologist James Kirkland excavated other bones and realized they belonged to an as yet unidentified species. After briefly playing with the idea of ​​naming him Spielbergi– hoping that a certain jurassic park the director could be interested and shell out money for research – they decided Utahraptor ostrommaysi. The name paid homage paleontologist John Ostrom, who helped make the connection between birds and carnivorous dinosaurs; and Chris Mays, president of a dinosaur robotics company called Dinamation International Corporation.

Utahraptor ostrommaysi, which became The official 2018 Utah state dinosaur is far from the only prehistoric species found in Dalton Wells’ quarry. According to Lee Shenton, representative of the Friends of Paleontology of Utah, making the quarry part of a state park will hopefully help protect it from vandalists. “We would especially like to see not only that these paleontological resources are protected and preserved, but that there is an opportunity to provide some kind of display in the future that can show these many very important fossils that have been found here,” does he have Told The Salt Lake Tribune in February.

Utahraptor State Park is also home to remains of more recent history. In the 1930s, part of the land was used for a Civilian conservation body (CCC), part of a New Deal program that employed young men to maintain the country’s parks. The camp closed in the early 1940s and by January 1943 it was restored as a prison camp known as the “Moab Isolation Center”. There, the War Relocation Authority jailed dozens of Japanese Americans it had deemed “troublemakers” after a riot at another prison camp in California. The WGA then transferred them to a larger prison camp in Arizona a few months later.

There is a marker pen on the site with a little information about the CCC camp and the prison camp; It remains to be seen whether state park officials will budget funds for a different memorial.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]

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Lubbock does everything to keep Chris Beard at Texas Tech https://utahbbq.org/lubbock-does-everything-to-keep-chris-beard-at-texas-tech/ Mon, 29 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://utahbbq.org/lubbock-does-everything-to-keep-chris-beard-at-texas-tech/

The Chris Beard saga in Texas has been hot this weekend, and it’s heating up further as the two schools involved and Beard himself have been silent since Shaka Smart left for Marquette last week.

Sports bloggers from the world of burnt orange called Beard in Texas a deal made last weekend, which in turn put Lubbock’s social media circles in a frame of mind. The threat of Chris Beard going to the Longhorns was enough for Lubbock’s Firms to try to sweeten the pot for Chris Beard to stay with the Red Raiders.

The trend started when Beef ‘O’ Brady’s gave Chris Beard free lifetime chicken wings.

From there, as they say, it was on.

Beard was offered a free lifetime lunch or dinner at All American Eatery, which has an incredible menu filled with former Red Raiders greats. They also added a special for people. (Get the Dave Parks Reuben, it’s delicious.)

Speaking of desserts, Kurbside Sweets is also throwing free desserts to the current Red Raiders basketball coach:

The offer that really caught my attention was Evie Mae’s barbecue offer which was made in response to Two Docs Brewing Co.’s free beer offer. Free beer and barbecue? Is there anything else you need?

Two Docs’ offering also had a response of free nachos from Mijo Barbeque, and these look amazing. Even the shards are scarlet and black!

Hey Coach Beard, if you are not satisfied yet how about free pigs in a blanket from The Lantern Tavern? Always. I’m starting to get jealous.

The lantern via Facebook

It’s not just food and beer. There are carpet cleaning services provided by the good folks at Flatland Carpet Cleaning:

And since Beard’s indoor lawn would be taken care of, what about the outdoor lawn, AKA grass? Turf Raider has stepped up its lifelong mowers:

Remember all that free beer? Well, hopefully this one from a local law firm never gets used:

People aren’t just trying to make Coach Beard happy. The folks at Bully Make Dog Toys want Beard’s pets to enjoy their time in Lubbock as well.

And the icing on the cake, if I say so myself? Three Dog Bakery offers free dog treats from Chris Beard. It’s really an offer he can’t refuse, right?

If these don’t block Chris Beard, I don’t know what would.

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