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A recent Research study could give a voice to those who no longer have it. Scientists used electrodes and artificial intelligence to create a device capable of translating brain signals into speech. This technology could help restore the ability to speak in people with brain damage or neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and more.

The new system developed in the laboratory of Edward Chang, MD, shows that it is possible to create a synthesized version of a person’s voice that can be controlled by the activity of the voice centers in their brain. In the future, this approach could not only restore fluent communication in people with severe speech impairments, say the authors, but could also replicate some of the musicality of the human voice that conveys the emotions and personality of the person. speaker.

The study recorded the brain activity of five epilepsy patients who had previously received treatment with brain implants. Electrodes on the brain have been used to translate brain waves into words spoken by a computer. When you speak, your brain sends signals from the motor cortex to the muscles of the jaw, lips, and larynx to coordinate their movements and produce sound. They were asked to read aloud a list of sentences that the AI ​​algorithm would read and decode the brain signal process of their speech.

“For the first time, this study demonstrates that we can generate whole spoken sentences based on an individual’s brain activity,” said Chang, professor of neurological surgery and member of the UCSF Weill Institute for Neuroscience. “This is exhilarating proof of principle that with technology already at hand, we should be able to build a clinically viable device in patients with speech impairments. “

The machine translates brain signals into action and chooses words that they believe have been processed in the brain. Scientists studied English speakers and had sentences computerized and chosen from a possibility of each word used. They then used brain signals that were tracked to the lips, jaw, tongue, and throat which are all used by humans to produce language and words. These were then used to predict formulation by machine learning systems. They were previously used to help people with paralysis with their brains. It was at a rate of just eight wpm, with this new technology it can go up to 150 wpm.

Results varied depending on the number of options to choose from, but on average, listeners were able to correctly identify 70% of the words. When given 25 options per word, they got 69% of the correct words; with 50, they got 47% correct answers.

The benefits of this technology could really help those who have lost their communication skills due to stroke or other illnesses to be able to talk to others. There are concerns, however, that the technology could function as a “mind reading device” and could compromise people’s private thoughts. However, scientists say we are still a long way from being able to accurately imitate speech.

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How do I get a mortgage from my daughter’s ex-boyfriend? Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:44:33 +0000

I bought an apartment for my daughter and her boyfriend several years ago. It is supposed to pay us back gradually at zero interest.

However, he stopped paying us and now my daughter has broken up with him.

The names of my daughter and her ex are both on the property deeds. How to get our money back?

Loan Dilemma: Parent Wants To Know How To Get Money Back From Daughter’s Ex Who Stopped Repayments (Stock Image)

Christian Butler, lawyer at Silk Family Law, responds: It is more and more common for parents to financially help their children to buy a house and I am asked more and more to advise clients who are in a situation similar to yours.

What is fundamental in these matters is to establish at the outset the exact nature of the agreement, in this case between you, your daughter and her ex at the time of the purchase of the property.

1. Was the money provided by you in the form of a loan? If so, was it a loan for both your daughter and her ex, or a gift to your daughter and a loan to the ex?

2. If the money was provided as a loan, was there a formal loan agreement made or was the agreement only verbal? If a formal loan agreement has been made, has the loan been secured by a charge on the property? Does this have the effect of securing the debt on the property?

3. Alternatively, was it expected that you would have a stake in the property and that, in effect, the ex – or your daughter and her ex – were in fact to purchase the property from you in monthly installments?

How can you get your money back?

Christian Butler:

Christian Butler: “Concretely, it is obviously judicious to seek to reach an agreement with the ex of your daughter”

The use of the words “pay us back” and “zero interest” implies that you are concerned with the non-payment of a loan.

Whether it is an informal verbal loan agreement or a formal written agreement, steps can be taken by law to seek recovery of the money loaned.

In the event that it has been agreed that the apartment was financed by a loan granted to the ex and / or your daughter, you must ensure that there is sufficient security to allow the recovery of the balance due.

If the loan is unsecured – meaning there has been no charge against the property – then you can take the following steps to rectify the situation.

First, go to court and get a judgment confirming that the money is owed to you.

Second, ask for an injunction against the apartment. And third, file a notice with the land registry to make sure it’s officially registered.

An imputation order would secure the loan, just like a mortgage.

In other words, on the sale, the charge would be “biting” and the amount owed to you would be collected – assuming of course there was enough equity in the property to settle the debt.

An invoice order does not automatically force the sale of the property. However, if the loan remained unsatisfied following a demand for immediate payment of the full amount, then a request for a sale order could be brought before the court.

Directions would be given by the court regarding the mechanics of the sale itself and ensuring that the property is sold with vacant possession.

If the loan was a joint loan to your daughter and her ex, you will need to think carefully about whether you want to take legal action against your daughter.

Unless otherwise specified in a formal written loan agreement – which is very rare when family loans are made – your daughter and her ex will both be “jointly and severally” responsible for the loan.

This means that you can sue one, or the other, or both for its recovery.

The legal process would remain the same; however, if you have only taken action against the ex, he may be able to ask your daughter for a contribution.

Concretely, it is obviously wise to seek to reach a settlement with the ex of your daughter, perhaps with the help of a lawyer, but without it being necessary to go to court, because a legal action to collect funds can be time consuming, stressful and expensive.

Usually, the threat that you intend to take legal action will be enough to persuade someone that it is in their best interests to reach a settlement.


Mediation, where a qualified and impartial dispute mediator would try to help you resolve issues, should also be considered.

How to do are you protecting your position when helping children buy a house?

For all parents who wish to financially help their children, I would strongly recommend either:

1. A formal loan agreement and a charge on the property – the loan agreement should be prepared by a lawyer who specializes in these matters.

It would clearly record any agreement regarding repayments, interest rates, etc.

The loan must then be secured by taking a charge on the property, in effect a mortgage, which provides security in the event that repayments stop and the loan falls into arrears; Where

2. A Declaration of Trust – Strictly speaking, this would not be a “loan” as such, as the parent would either own all or retain part of the property.

There could be an agreement for the other co-owner (s) to increase their share and decrease the parental share, via capital payments.

It should be noted, however, that if you do this there may be tax issues that the parent (s) should be aware of.

In addition to the above, if the beneficiary child is to cohabit, a cohabitation agreement between him and his partner – or if the child is married or is due to marry, a nuptial agreement – would also be advisable.

This would hopefully protect a parent’s position even more, should a child’s relationship break down at a later stage.

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The big money behind the big game between chefs and buccaneers Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:44:32 +0000

Update: 1:20 p.m. EST, February 7

We’re only two days away from Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with kickoff scheduled for 6:30 p.m. EST Sunday. Tampa Bay is set to be the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl on its home ground: Raymond James Stadium, which is ready for its close-up thanks to a $ 160 million renovation. But with fan participation limited by the pandemic, it won’t look like your typical home game – or like any Super Bowl before.

Here’s everything you need to know before the big game.

The game

The Chiefs are the defending NFL champions, but rank only 23rd on our list of the league’s most valuable teams. Still, that gives them six places ahead of the Buccaneers, who could play in the new “Title City USA”But financial success is not guaranteed.

There is some serious cash in the owner’s box, however. The Hunts, who have owned the Chiefs for six decades, are among the The richest families in America, value over $ 15 billion. Meanwhile, the Glazer family, who own Manchester United in addition to the Buccaneers, own one of the the world’s most valuable sports empires. Glazers hope Super Bowl will spark a turnaround for a franchise that used to be the NFL not so long ago.

The match pits Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians against against a team he loves. Heads coach Andy Reid, meanwhile, is receive praise from Terrell Owens– it’s no small feat, given the eventful end of their relationship with the Eagles.

The players

Sunday’s game will feature one of the NFL players ten highest paid players, and it is not Patrick Mahomes, who has a lowercase cap number despite the record overtime last year. How good is Mahomes? Well, Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson calls him “the most talented quarterback I’ve never seen ”, and the fans are willing to pay $ 861,000 for his recruit card.

His Buccaneers counterpart is not left out either: Tom Brady plays in his tenth Super Bowl after 20 years in New England. “He called his own shotSays former receiver Nate Burleson. Even Brady’s former nemesis Eli Manning is impressed. Brady, who has earned more than $ 350 million in his career, is an astute negotiator off the pitch, with several properties worth tens of millions of dollars. here is how the goat and the child stack up.

It will be the fifth career game between Mahomes and Brady. The chefs have a secret weapon in their high school but will have to hope for their redesigned offensive line can withstand a fierce pass rush.


After 37 years of Super Bowl commercials, Budweiser is skip the big game. It is also not the only major advertiser to take a sabbatical year, which begs the question of whether Covid-19 means the big Super Bowl commercials end. Don’t get carried away, though: a 30-second ad still costs $ 5.5 million, and with Television ratings are on the rise these playoffs, marketing directors are ready to give viewers a misappropriation of the world’s misfortunes. Serena Williams is bring a message of joy to a Michelob Ultra commercial, and Cedric the Entertainer is reunion with Bud Light. Joe Montana is featured in Guinness ad, and Sam Adams is shoot a rival. Billionaire uses 30-second spot to raise funds for his favorite charity.

The battle for spirit sharing doesn’t end with television. Twitter is planning a waterfall in the stadium, and many brands clash on Amazon, and Verizon launches an attempt to make its 5G millimeter wave more relevant to NFL fans.

The halftime show

The Weeknd doesn’t get paid to cover the Super Bowl halftime show. In fact it goes lose money by performing.

The bets

Accessory bets had their decisive moment in 1986 and keep growing. And why wouldn’t they do it? Who doesn’t want to spend the money to find out if Miley Cyrus’ navel will be visible or if Andy Reid says “burger” in his post-game interview? (To see the full list of prop bets available here, and see betting tips from a bettor here.)

FanDuel expects a big day, leading to an eventful year 2021. The Chiefs are favored, but stock market watchers shoot for the buccaneers. Yahoo is following the example of DraftKings and FanDuel by offering a legally contestable contest.

Whichever way you choose to bet, remember: Even though almost half of the country has legalized sports betting, your Super Bowl squares pool is probably illegal.

The last word

“I am the rabbit’s foot. When I go to a team, they get there.

A year after reaching the Super Bowl with the Chiefs, LeSean McCoy returned with the buccaneers.

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District 4 supervisors’ race money explodes to nearly $ 1 million – Monterey Herald Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:44:32 +0000

SALINAS – With less than a month to go for the start of the postal ballot and less than two months to the Nov. 3 election, the District 4 Supervisors’ Race is approaching $ 1 million in combined campaign fundraising, close to double what was collected in the 2016 race.

Together, candidates Wendy Root Askew and Steve McShane have raised around $ 943,549 for their campaign war treasures, according to the latest campaign finance reports. District 4 stretches from Del Rey Oaks in the southwest, to Marina and east to include part of Salinas.

Askew, longtime assistant to outgoing supervisor Jane Parker and board member of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, and McShane, Salinas city councilor and owner of McShane’s Landscape, head for a run-off in the election general of 3 November after having finished first and second, respectively in the primary of March.

Wendy Root askew

Askew beat McShane in the primary by a margin of more than 10%, garnering 8,710 votes, or about 45.6% of the 19,122 votes cast, compared to 6,688 votes for McShane, or about 35%.

The other candidates Wini Chambliss and Alex Miller shared just over 3,700 additional votes for nearly 20% of the vote and did not qualify for the general election.

Meanwhile, McShane maintains a clear advantage in fundraising so far, amassing more than double Asew’s loot. Since last year, McShane has made around $ 633,900 while Askew has raised around $ 309,648.

The combined fundraising figure overshadows the 2016 District 4 Headquarters contest that pitted Parker against former Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue, who topped $ 500,000 in combined fundraising and was considered a shocking amount. at the time.

Both candidates spoke proudly of their contributions to the campaign and what they said it meant to support them.

Steve McShane

McShane said he was proud of the more than 2,000 donations reported by his campaign, noting that much of the donation took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Supporters have strongly signaled that a small business member is needed on the county supervisory board to address economic recovery,” he said. “I announced a bold pledge to reduce homelessness by 50% by 2024 and that also motivated grassroots support. COVID-19 is our biggest challenge and I’m ready to make sure people are safe and economic recovery is paramount. “

Askew said she remained focused on her work with the county to “tackle the health, safety and economic impacts of the pandemic and the fires,” but also said she was satisfied with the level. support from contributors.

“I am especially proud to have the support of so many hardworking voters whose donations show they appreciate my honest and responsible leadership,” she said, noting that she had just received SEIU 521 approval. , which represents the largest share of county employees.

McShane’s campaign account has benefited from its agricultural industry and development of the Salinas Valley and other business connections.

Major contributors this year include James Bristol, Managing Director of PG Bottle Shop, which contributed $ 25,000, as well as $ 10,000 in donations from the Associated Builders and Contractors Northern California Political Action Committee, the Western Electrical Contractors Association and by Century Communities. Tanimura and Antle contributed $ 7,500 (including $ 2,500 in food for a campaign event), as did WCP Developers Inc.

Notable contributors include Donohue, District 2 Supervisor John Phillips, former District 4 Supervisor Candidate Alex Miller (who supported McShane), Salinas City Council Candidate Mars Rocamora, Granite Rock Chief Financial Officer Steve Snodgrass, the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Monterey County Medical Society, Don Chapin, Nader Agha and David Drew, among others.

Askew’s campaign has many small backers, including several who split their donations into several smaller dollar amounts.

Major contributors this year include her boss, Supervisor Parker, who contributed $ 14,500, including a $ 10,000 loan, Constance Murray ($ 7,500), Julia Foster-Bates ($ 5,000), The Democratic Women of Monterey County ($ 5,000) and SEIU Local 2015 ($ 3,000), among others.

Other notable contributors include State Senator Bill Monning, Parker Chief of Staff Kristi Markey, District 5 Supervisory Assistant Yuri Anderson, City Councilors Marina Gail Morton and Lisa Berkley, Council Members Marina Coast Water District Administration Tom Moore and Jan Shriner, County Planning Commissioner and former Kate Daniels, District 5 Supervisory Chief of Staff, George Riley, District Administration Board Member Monterey Peninsula Water Management Officer, Brenda Lewis, former water board member, and Amy Anderson, water board candidate, and Ed Mitchell, former District 2 oversight candidate, among others.

Higher Level Of Care cannabis dispensary owner Sal Palma hedged his bets by donating $ 1,000 each to both campaigns.

McShane said the combined fundraising total indicates great interest in the District 4 election.

“We have been campaigning for over 20 months and I think the thousands of individual donations over the two campaigns signal strong support for the leadership needed at the county level,” he said. “I have spoken to hundreds of constituents who are safe at home, worried about their financial future, increasing homelessness and distance education for their children. I think we’re going to see more engagement in this election over the next 60 days than we’ve seen in a decade. “

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Why Small Business Loans Are Not Reaching Intended Recipients – Mish Talk Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:44:32 +0000

The New York Times has an interesting article Denied, deferred and ignored: 13 requests and no appeal.