Big road improvements coming to Broadmoor area in Pasco 2023

The Broadmoor area will see lots of road improvements in 2023 (google maps)

The Broadmoor area will see lots of road improvements in 2023 (google maps)

According to the city of Pasco, a new legislative program allows them to make improvements.

$40 million in renovations and improvements planned for Broadmoor Area in 2023

City of Pasco Communications Program Manager Jon Funfar released information Tuesday, Nov. 1, about upcoming major renovations to the Broadmoor area of ​​Pasco.

Broadmoor Improvements Brochure (Town of Pasco)

Broadmoor Improvements Brochure (Town of Pasco)

The city plans to use what’s called TIF, or the tax increase financing program to pay for a series of improvements in the area. According to the city:

“The Tax Increment Funding Program, recently authorized by the state legislature, allows municipalities to use property tax increases resulting from development for infrastructure projects. The Broadmoor area, slated for d ‘significant retail and housing developments, is an excellent candidate for TIF’

The city will mail a brochure to citizens, outlining areas where improvements will be made. They include, depending on the city:

“..area interior roads, expansion of Sandifur Parkway and Route 100, and significant improvements to the I-182/Route 100 interchange.”

Town of Pasco

Town of Pasco

More details, including brochure map, can be viewed on the City of Pasco website by clicking here.

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