Authentic Texas Breast to Make Homemade in Kaka’ako


Let’s leave that in your head for a bit, let your mouth drool.

Do you ever want to?

Well, you can satisfy that urge tomorrow here at Kaka’ako with the smooth opening of Sunset Texas Barbecue.

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And to find out more, we’re here with Pitmaster James Kim.

First and foremost it is a lovely smell when you enter this area.

But tell us a little bit about what’s happening tomorrow and where did all this authentic brisket experience come from?

“Well, we started out as something we wanted to share, a barbecue in Texas, with the folks here in Hawaii,” says Kim.

“We love barbecue, and I think people here will feel the same once they try our products.”

You had a store in Wahiawa and North Shore leading up to that.

How did it go with the community and what makes you so unique with this breast?

“We received a lot of support from the community,” Kim says.

“We’ve made a lot of friends over the years since we started doing this. What makes us different, not special, but what makes us different is that we use real wood in decommissioned propane tanks that we have converted into smokehouses to smoke all our meat. And that’s the traditional way to barbecue in Texas.

When you say cook in these things, what is the cooking process like?

What then makes it something super juicy and tasty?

“Well, in Texas, the chest is king,” Kim says.

“The brisket was originally just a cheap piece of meat that nobody really wanted. It just took a long time to cook and make it tender and nice and juicy. So what we do is smoke our breasts for about 12-14 hours on average. This does not include preparation time. But we spend a lot of time, a lot of hard work and a lot of love in it. “

Well, speaking of love, we have this wonderful masterpiece that you have created.

If you don’t mind, tell us a bit about what you have to offer on this table.

“In addition to our brisket, we offer our ribs, pork ribs,” explains Kim.

“And also the crown jewel of the Texan barbecue with the brisket which is our prime rib. Short ribs of beef. And also, we will show you the kind of tenderness we get. He collapses and it is simply in vain.

Again, your smooth opening begins tomorrow.

What then can we expect from tomorrow to the weeks and months to come?

“So we’re doing a pre-race tomorrow, and we’ll have our grand opening on September 1,” Kim said.

“But this smooth opening will continue as we continue to line up and prepare for our grand opening later.”

Again, it’s called Sunset Texas Barbecue here at Kaka’ako.

The soft launch starts tomorrow.

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