AirDroid Remote Support uses an AR camera to provide help in one app

The integration of augmented reality (AR) in AirDroid Remote Assistance promises to dramatically improve customer support.

Imagine having instructions from a customer support center, instructor, or company right on your smartphone. This feature will add a level of efficiency that will make your workforce more productive as they will be able to solve more problems.

AirDroid Remote Assistance

For small business owners who can hardly afford to make more service calls, that means solving problems remotely. This in turn will improve customer satisfaction and long-term retention, not to mention save a lot of money.

Sand Studio CEO Anson Shiong, who makes AirDroid Remote Support, explains what this innovation means in the emailed press release.

Shiong says, “Instead of the traditional and agonizing way of solving problems via phone support without actually seeing what is happening on the screen, this new solution will make the whole experience much more enjoyable for both parties. The result is better customer satisfaction scores and a lot of valuable time saved for the customer support team.

The solution

As mobile device management (MDM) solution provider, Sand Studio has been part of the mobile ecosystem since 2011. The integration of RA is another evolution by harnessing the full capabilities of today’s smartphones and optimizing them to make businesses and their workforce more efficient.

With the capability of the AR camera, businesses can provide assistance by directly viewing what the customer sees. The AR camera uses up to eight 3D markers to locate real objects for a much clearer view of the situation. This allows support staff to give real-time advice to start resolving the issue.

Your employees can drop the 3D markers on real world objects so the customer knows exactly what they are talking about. That alone can save your business hours when dealing with many customers throughout the day, week, and month.

picture: Android remote assistance

The viewing capability is part of a screen sharing feature that allows both parties to communicate in real time. The intuitive and interactive screen sharing capability enables software and hardware issues to be dealt with more effectively.

In addition, the customer and support staff can exchange essential information. The customer can see each direction on their device and the result of this action is also easily accessible to support staff. Moreover, features like text, file sharing and voice recording are also available in different scenarios.

With so much information exchanged in every conversation, privacy is a primary concern.


The AirDroid platform provides a high level of privacy by limiting what support staff can see. According to the company, they only have visual access to the device. It means they can’t control it.

When a session is started, both parties must enter a difficult-to-decipher 9-digit code. Once they start, communication and data transmission is encrypted to further protect customer privacy. If at any time a customer feels uncomfortable sharing sensitive information, they can suspend the screen sharing feature.

The advantage for small businesses

Eliminating redundancies and maximizing resources is a must for small businesses. When it comes to serving customers, the process can get very expensive. For a small business, this can mean going to a location for the simpler problems.

AirDroid Remote Assistance has the ability to remove these types of expenses for small business owners. With this technology, you will only have to go to a site for major issues. Small problems can now be solved remotely and get your customers started without wasting their time and resources.

AirDroid Remote Support for Business is now available with a 30-day free trial.

Image: Android Remote Assistance

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