After major losses, Donna Brazile warns of Democratic “disaster” in Utah speech

Her sleep shattered by the previous day’s election defeats, famed Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile told employees at award-winning Utah workplaces she was encouraged to see service dogs in the lobby.

“I need a best friend right now,” Brazile joked in his opening speech at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City before returning to Washington, DC, as the apparent losses accumulated in the governors of Virginia and New Jersey and disrupted a national party she once had. headed.

The famous 61-year-old commentator praised this year’s winners of Top Workplaces awards at the morning banquet, chosen based on surveys of thousands of employees across the state amid a pandemic. Brazile thanked them for keeping their workers satisfied.

“Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep growing,” she said, “because it’s clear that they love you.”

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Donna Brazile delivers the keynote speech at the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces event at the Little America Hotel on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

“After three hours of sleep I’m not going to feel sad and sorry for anyone who lost yesterday,” Brazile told the audience of around 500, many of whom have met in public for the first time in months. “I’m going to be happy because God gave me another day and an opportunity to be here with you.”

For the eighth year in a row, the Salt Lake Tribune-backed poll looked at employee feedback from Utah’s large, medium, and small workplaces to identify some of the state’s top employers.

Two canine therapy ambassadors welcomed attendees to Wednesday’s face-to-face meeting, thanks to one of the event’s main sponsors, Best Friends Animal Society. This led to Brazile sharing stories about his own pet, Zora Mae, a shelter dog who broke into an April 2020 live interview segment.

“I adopted Zora,” she told the audience, “but she saved me.”

When we save animals, we save ourselves, ”Brazile said. “And when we treat animals with respect, dignity, love and compassion, we treat others the same. “

The Democratic agent went on to describe US mid-term politics as truly grim for his party in Congress and dozens of state races amid the job approval polls for President Joe Biden and the weakening support for crucial parts of his agenda now before Congress.

Tropical storm or hurricane?

Many Democrats, she said, believe “it’s time for him to take his jersey off in 2024”.

But GOP leaders, she said, are also beset by the troubling legacy of former President Donald Trump, with “a large chunk of Republicans believing it’s time for a new slate of candidates.” . Up to a dozen potential challengers could show up if Trump does, including his “good friend,” former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

With more than 700,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, the health crisis continues to dominate political conversations, Brazile said, although the evidence is toned down in some polls.

Americans say they are much more confident in Biden’s handling of the pandemic than Trump, she noted, but in relation to the economy, the environment, health care and other issues, COVID-19 “is something the American people no longer see as an urgent crisis.”

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Donna Brazile delivers the keynote speech at the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces event at the Little America Hotel on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

With Biden’s approval rating as low as 42% in some polls, Brazile said: “It’s not enough to get a lot of Democrats to cross the finish line next year, and it is not enough to strike deals with both sides of the political divide. “

Support for Biden’s approach to infrastructure is still strong but is weakening day by day as his passage is delayed. The climate-focused initiative called “Build Back Better” is “coming together, but it’s not yet,” she said. Negotiators are now considering eliminating the tax proposed by this bill on methane, a potent factor among global greenhouse gas emissions.

This week’s election results, Brazile said, give further signs that voters are restless and “personally want change.” They want to see a different tomorrow from yesterday. They don’t want to go back to an earlier time, but they want to focus on the here and now, which means their wallet. What’s in their wallet? What is in front of them? “

“If Democrats don’t understand what you know,” she said, “if you thought it was a tropical storm yesterday, wait until Category 5 hurricane is called in halfway. journey.”

No “happy medium”

A political veteran in Louisiana and a prominent political strategist since the mid-1980s, Brazile served as interim chair of the Democratic National Committee in the spring of 2011, and again from July 2016 to February 2017 – the first black woman to hold office. managerial position for one or the other of the main parties.

“Someday I want to work on a project that doesn’t involve disaster,” she later said in her Salt Lake City speech, describing herself as “a survivor of the 2010 bombing, the beat from 2014. this morning tells me that we have to do better.

At another point, Brazile lamented the “aging actors” among Democratic Party leaders. “They’re old. How old? Damn, they’re all older than me.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, joins Donna Brazile for a photo during the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces event at the Little America Hotel on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Longer term, she said, she expects redistribution efforts this year to push partisan politics to extremes, “with red districts becoming redder and blue districts increasingly red. bluer “.

“There is no middle ground,” she said.

Up to 24 races for governor will be subject to the midterm ballot and 50 to 60 members of Congress could announce their retirement by then, she said. Republican and Democratic officials, at the same time, each raised campaign funds of $ 70 million or more.

“They are raising money by the billions, not the millions,” Brazile said. “For some reason we’re going to find the money when we all cry broke and are heavily in debt. But one way or another, politicians can raise billions of dollars. “

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Participants walk past a Best Friends Animal Society service dog as they enter the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces event at the Little America Hotel on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

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